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Ruh-Roh, Where Is Practical Paralegalism?

Ruh-Roh, Where Is Practical Paralegalism?

Or, Who Messed Up Blogger While I Was Out of the Loop?

Actually, I’m still out of the loop. But I’m determined to post something just to prove my technological-savvy, even if just to myself, and anyone else who’s been taking Blogger’s name in vain recently.

This won’t be a paralegal-y post, or even a budget career dressing post, more of just a thank you for your many kind words here on Practical Paralegalism, and/or Facebook. I’ve loved friending some of my fave new virtual style buddies on Facebook, and getting to know them even better.

We’re still in the hospital. We’ve had a wild ride. We’ve seen a lot of bad television, although I really quite liked Stepbrothers, and now can’t stop finding a way to repeat, “You have a voice like, a style like, or a complete blend of awesomeness like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.”

The Teen had an especially evil sickle cell disease event, an infarction in her knee, basically clogging of blood vessels and necrosis, that was the most unbelievable painful event she can recall in her short history. Me, either. She almost never cries, and then cried all day Wednesday, with no pain relief. I kind of wanted to cry, too, but someone has to not cry, ya know?

The Teen kept asking me to bring the one thing I can’t, The Corginator.

Then she tried to get pneumonia, except her Mom, personal paralegal, and patient advocate, kept following the doctors around, repeating, “She’s going to get pneumonia, she always gets pneumonia, it starts in the blink of an eye, start antibiotics NOW,” and the chest x-ray came back cloudy and they finally did.

On the plus side, she had plenty of doctors to interview for her stem cell therapy paper.

On the down side, I missed Terri’s pj party at Rags against the Machine, which I know isn’t a priority in the bigger scheme of life, but my dogs were all ready for their close up with my Vera Wang jammies that my family has made fun of for years.

I usually use CaringBridge to keep friends and family updated regarding The Teen’s sickle cell disease, but used Facebook this time, and decided to talk about it more here to continue to raise awareness of it. There’s no cure right now, and there’s no effective treatment for severe pain events. But one of my daughter’s sickle cell doctors believes there will be gene therapy available in her lifetime, so I continue to hope that this mean disease gets kicked in the ass by medical research someday soon.

If we’re blogger/virtual buddy commenters, and you’re a Facebook user, please feel free to send me a friend request. I’m Lynne DeVenny Craig, and I’ll be the one wearing the Hogwarts scarf The Teen let me hold long enough to have my picture taken in 😛

2 Responses to Ruh-Roh, Where Is Practical Paralegalism?

  1. Virtual hugs to you. You definitely have your priorities in the right place. I hope the teen is out of the hospital soon and that this event passes as smoothly as it can. If you'd like to do a post later, I'll be glad to add the link to that post. One other blogger missed the deadline.

  2. Wow that's tough. Rooting for your girl. My mom just went through her third bout of pneumonia right before she started her new full time job. She's got damaged lungs so it's always super scary. You and your family are still in my thoughts.

    I follow you through facebook too. I only read FB very very sparingly, and only ever on my phone, so if I ever comment especially late on something – apologies. Thanks for posting updates here too.

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