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San Francisco Public Defender’s Office May Have a Paralegal Opening Soon

San Francisco Public Defender’s Office May Have a Paralegal Opening Soon

I’ve blogged about San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi’s requests for additional legal staffers before, but this time his request to add a paralegal and a senior legal processing clerk is being taken very seriously by the mayor’s office.

The Associated Press is reporting that Adachi has requested the new legal staffers “to help review an estimated 30,000 cases dating back to 2005 possibly tainted by former lab technician Deborah Madden.”

The request for additional staff comes after interview transcripts obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press show that Madden had acknowledged in a police interview that she used cocaine found at work.

Madden told investigators in February that she started using drugs from her job last fall to mask a drinking problem, according to the transcript. Madden, 60, said she used cocaine that spilled at her work station after she was done testing it as evidence.

“If some of it, you know, fell on the counter after I put the stuff away rather than just throw it in the garbage, which is what I normally did, yeah I did take a little bit of that,” Madden said.

Madden helpfully told police that the crime lab’s work left a lot to be desired, “I think you’re gonna see discrepancies all along throughout the years.”

When asked about the likelihood of Adachi getting those staff positions this time, the Magic 8-Ball said, “Signs point to yes.”

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  1. Thanks Lynne for the information! I have reprinted your article on my blawg to give California paralegals the heads up in case they missed the Associated Press article.

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