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Searches that Found this Paralegal Blog (and Made Me Cry)

Searches that Found this Paralegal Blog (and Made Me Cry)
The Corginator’s not THAT bad…

Okay, just kidding about that last part, but not entirely.

Here’s a few of the funnier Internet search queries that landed readers at Practical Paralegalism:

  • “appropreiate paralegal business attire” (please, please don’t let this be a paralegal)
  • “quail” “quail pics” (because that’s a serious hobby of mine. Not.)
  • “halo kitty” (um, again, please don’t let this be a paralegal. Plus, our cat threw up on my stove once, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t use halo and cat in the same sentence.)
  • “dom perignon” (yes, do send me a bottle) also “don perion” (please don’t let that be a paralegal student)
  • “corgi bad” (how did you know The Corginator thinks that’s her name?)
  • “high end litigators briefcase” (do you know how much those babies cost? Paralegals can’t afford them.)
  • “stacy london legs” (well she does have great legs and great style)
  • “hipaa cartoons” (I am proud of posting one once. Do you know how hard it is to find anything funny about HIPAA?)
  • “how many people work through lunch” (well, I guess I’m kinda an expert at working through lunch)

Also, I discovered I’m popular in the Ukraine, probably where all the spammers live.

2 Responses to Searches that Found this Paralegal Blog (and Made Me Cry)

  1. Sheila, your searches are hilarious! I once wrote about a paralegal that left her job to become a wildly successfully retailer of sex toys. I figured some of my search terms were NSFW…lol.

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