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Simplify Your Life: Let Supercook Turn Your Bread Crumbs into Dinner

Simplify Your Life:  Let Supercook Turn Your Bread Crumbs into Dinner

Another legal assistant on Twitter, @robertdawson155, brought the Supercook website to my attention. He tweeted, “Mashable on Twitter says: Supercook Analyzes Your Kitchen to Suggest What to Cook – – I like this idea!”

I have a childlike awe for software designers, and was completely gobsmacked by the idea that someone could design a website that might suggest dinner recipes for the minimal ingredients already in my admittedly pathetic kitchen.

The Supercook website has already been tweeted like crazy today, so I figure (as usual) I’m the last to know. But is the website up to the Practical Paralegalism test? I’m the antithesis of Martha Stewart, and my adult daughter’s most common complaint when she comes to visit is, “Mom, there’s no REAL food in this house!”

I gave Supercook the following ingredients that are always in my house: butter (I LOVE butter!), bread (what’s not to like about toast?) and bologna (I have a 12 year old). My mouth dropped at the resulting list of recipes, which included “Homemade Bread Crumbs” (do I really need a recipe for these?), “Baked Grilled Cheese” (hey, I already know how to cook ’em ’cause my daddy made all our grilled cheese sandwiches in the oven), and “Pretty Butterfly Sandwich” (take THAT, Martha!).

Seriously, the list of recipes generated from the butter-bread-bologna search includes other simple recipes for food I do like, including “Microwaved Poached Egg on Toast” and “Eggs With Hats on Top”. Of course, the search also yielded the unknown, i.e. “Fairy Bread”. The Fairy Bread recipe consists of spreading bread with butter, covering it with candy sprinkles, cutting it into triangles and arranging it on a serving plate. Maybe it should be titled “No-Cook Fairy Bread”? The recipe author insists “This treat is popular at children’s parties here in Australia.” (I’m suspicious.)

I think that Supercook is a good (and amusing) resource for cooks with limited time, patience and um, ingredients. Martha might sneer, but a working mom like me is not above trying the ol’ “Hey, sweetie, I forgot to bake your class cupcakes, but crikey, we’re taking Fairy Bread to school!”
Play Practical Paralegalism’s “Supercook” game! Go to the site and enter three real but odd ingredients from your kitchen, and then comment with the funniest (or most accidentally delicious) recipe result you get.

Example: Mushrooms + hamburger + eggs = Mushroom Turkey Patties (actually, these look GOOD.)

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