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Simplify Your Life: Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

Simplify Your Life:  Opt Out of Credit Card Offers

As a paralegal, I sort enough paper at work to get a little teary-eyed when I find a mailbox overflowing with junk mail, credit card offers and circulars at home after work. As a slightly obsessive recycler and shredder, it takes more of my free time than I want to admit to reduce that huge pile of useless mail to safely-shredded ribbons and environmentally-conscious bins.

Lately, I’ve been exploring ways to improve my quality of life and essentially, eliminate the non-essential junk that keeps me from relaxing. Ending the endless credit card offers seemed like a logical place to start. I noticed that the letters with the offers included opt out language – although the language isn’t presented in the most eye-catching light gray font. Using a Google search, I found a simple how-to article, “How to opt out of marketing lists”, at, and followed the easy instructions.

I’ve already registered at The National Do Not Call Registry and love the silence that indicates telemarketers can’t call me. I talk on the telephone with clients, adjusters and opposing counsel all day long, and most of my friends know that I’m a reluctant telephone conversant after work. If I’m not going to talk to friends and family, I certainly don’t want to buy light bulbs or vinyl siding, or participate in radio station surveys. Besides, I’ve been too busy shredding those credit card applications I didn’t request.

Therefore, I happily completed the online 5-year opt out form at to stop pre-approved credit cards. It took less than five minutes and felt life-changing simply by hitting the “submit” button. Plus, removing pre-approved credit card offers from my mailbox will surely save forests full of trees.

Next, I’m going to work on removing my name from all the direct marketing and catalog lists, but that’s a chore and a “Simplify Your Life” blog entry for another day. I’m going to spend the time I used to spend shredding credit offers walking my dogs instead.

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