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Sizes, Shmizes

Sizes, Shmizes

In order to thrift work clothes successfully, one must not be too married to your regular sizes. Oh how formal! One must have stumbled upon the wrong blog!

The Deets: Loft jacket (consignment); Jones New York skirt (GoodWill); MIA floral cut out boots (consignment); Draped tee (Loft Outlet); Necklace (old)

For example, I was visiting a consignment store with my mother when I spied this Loft jacket. As soon as I saw it was size zero, I laughed and moved to put it back. But my mom urged me to try it on, “You never know!” She was right. It did fit, proving you never know if something will fit until you try it on.

Same went for the Jones New York skirt, waiting patiently for me at our big central GoodWill. It’s a size 8, and possibly vintage, which means it will run smaller, but still, it was a reach for me. But I loved the quality of the construction, the full lining, and the heavy, swirly plaid fabric, so I tried it on for grins and giggles. It is a bit too big and sits low on my hips, but all the better to throw some extra layers on underneath for days the temperatures get barely above freezing.

Ever tried on something you coveted in a size you were sure would not fit, only to discover it seemed to be made for you (or you could make it work)?

33 Responses to Sizes, Shmizes

  1. Excellent skirt!!! And I have already professed my undying love for those amazing boots. You're right that clothing size is just a number, and pretty arbitrary at that – stuff in my closet ranges from sizes XS, 2, and 4 up to XL, 18 and 3X. On the other hand, I'm envious of your "barely above freezing" – here today our high temp with windchill is -24C (-11F) and I do not want to go outside!

  2. That's okay. I've always been a 8 on top and a 12 on the bottom. I'm a pear shape! ha! I remember as a teen switching out the bathing suit pieces so I could buy a smaller size for the top than the bottom. Never got caught either!
    This is a great thrifted outfit you're wearing!

  3. This happens to me ALL OF THE TIME. It's why I stopped restricting myself to the part of racks for my "right" size. I've found adorable clothes that fit me in every area. Then again, my body-proportions make this possible. How many women with a 40-inch waist have 40-inch hips?

  4. This is one hang-up I need to get over, the trying on of clothes in a store. I refuse to do it in retail stores, preferring instead to try on the clothes at home & then return them if they don't fit. –Pretty impossible to do with thrift shops. Maybe I'll work on this today, since I'm going thrifting!

    Oh, P.s. I received the Fast Flats on Friday. Thanks again for that give away!

  5. Oh, yes. The older the item the higher the size! Your thrifted outfit looks great on you. πŸ™‚

    I know for a fact that a size 0 jacket would never fit me…to broad of shoulder.

    Hope your weather has gotten better. It was -12 on my car this morning, so I think I win in having colder weather. πŸ˜‰ I braved a skirt, though.

  6. I am love with your skirt! Plaid and pleats and perfect!! Love the boots you're wearing too!

    And I have been really working at ignoring sizes at the thrift store, I can't think of anything hugely drastic so far, but I guess there was a vintage skirt that was a much larger size than I'd normally buy that fit me to a T and I just decided to not care about the number!

  7. One needs to give things a try, doesn't one?! Haha, I like it when you get all formal on us, Lynne!
    Ignoring the size label becomes a way of life when you get into vintage clothes as they are always smaller than today's sizing, but it's clearly true of modern clothing too.
    I too have a whole host of sizes in my wardrobe. And the occasional skirt which is too small on the waist, I leave the zip undone and cover it up with a wide belt – but shhh, it's a secret.
    Your twirly checked skirt looks as though it fits beautifully, even if it's low-slung, and the jacket obviously fits perfectly. And everything looks amazing with those fabulous boots!
    Size, like age, is just a number! xxxxx

  8. Even in sewing, if you use patterns, they are whacky too. If I go by the size and measurements on a particular pattern, the piece ends up miles too big. And then other times on another pattern, the opposite occurs. You almost have to make a muslin first just to see what happens. But I tend to like things fitting bigger rather than smaller.

    Anyway, your ensemble looks terrific. I don't think the skirt looks too long, especially with boots.

  9. That jacket and skirt look fantastic together! And you are so lucky to have those boots – perfect here.

    I tend to sort of eye things up or hold them up to me. Like your mother said, you never know. I thought about measuring some of my clothes at home and then taking a measuring tape with me to the store so I can get the width right, but I haven't done that yet.

  10. *applause* I totally agree. This jacket fits you perfectly and I love the boots and skirt too Lynne. I have things in every size from 0 to 14 and from XS to XL. You never know when you thrift!

  11. Oh, yes! At bare minimum, I search one size down, and one size up from my standard 2-size range. I just nabbed an All Saints tunic/dress shirt the other day that's at least one size smaller than I'd expect to wear normally. (Mind you, sizing is wack to begin with, so I use my so-called size as a starting place when shopping.)

    I LOVE this outfit, btw!

  12. How gorgeous is that jacket! I love it. I have a Loft jacket that's size 6 that fits perfect. I've also owned one that was too big in a size 0. Numbers can truly mean nothing. Always try on!

    I love the length of the skirt. It looks so swishy!

  13. Judging by the comments before me, you're probably not going to get one single comment that says "NO LYNNE YOU'RE WRONG SIZE 8 OR DIE," which is good! People learn to be flexible! I have some skirts that are laughably smaller than my normal size–they fit high up on my waist and I'm perfectly happy! I also have some nice-and-billowy tees because, looking around everywhere, it's totally hip for laydeez to be rocking the loose-top fitted-bottom look these days, and I'm into it.

  14. Oh, you are wearing those fabulous boots again. Sigh.
    I also search size up and size down….you never know what you might find….

  15. A stunning outfit on you! Neutrals with a pop of green and the boots have me swooning.

    Since I frequently shop vintage, I have learned that sizing is misleading. If I love it and I think it might work, I try it on. This has lead to many surprises. Kind of like life!

  16. You CRACKED me Up with your comment about getting your windows washed! But I think you can train corgis to do that, I've heard. πŸ˜‰ They need ramps and stools though!

  17. Yup! You got to know your body- especially when thrifting as sizes through out the ages don't add up to the same number! One slip I bought to sell- as it looked so small, but turned out to fit me gloriously. Someday I've got to photograph it, it really is a lovely slip of a thing.

    Your outfit is made for you- love the plaid and tan!

  18. You've always got to try it on, like everyone says vintage sizes are way smaller than contemporary sizes, then you've got stuff that's been washed a few hundred times and changed shape or Asian-made garments that are just plain weird. I've got everything from pre-teen 1970s maxis to menswear, if I like it I'll make it fit!
    Gorgeous outfit, fabulously put together and loving the new blog title! xxx

  19. Agreeing wholeheartedly! I have worn everything from 2 to 20. LOL. πŸ™‚


    PS — Lynne, I still truly want us to meet. Things here have been WILD. I will fill you in IRL. πŸ™‚ Maybe we can aim for spring??

  20. Ah yes, sizes are SILLY. I try everything on in charity shops, no question. At a pattern cutting course I went on, we learned how to measure another person for bespoke clothes – the woman I paired with had almost the same waist, bust, hip etc measurements as me but we were completely different shapes /height and the ame clothes would have looked completely different on. Sheesh.

    Your jacket and skirt, regardless of their arbitrary size, look fabulous xx

  21. No matter what the size label says, you look wonderful in this outfit. I love the fresh green top with the neutrals, and the silhouette is very elegant. Good thing you tried it on!

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