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Slain Paralegal is Remembered on 1-Year Anniversary of Lane Bryant Murders

Illinois paralegal Sarah Szafranski, only 22 years old at the time of her death, is one of five murder victims remembered on the 1-year anniversary of the Lane Bryant gun massacre at Brookside Marketplace in Tinley Park.

On February 2, 2008, an unidentified gunman walked into the store and killed five shoppers execution-style, before disappearing. The gunman remains at-large. The Lane Bryant store has not re-opened, remaining preserved as a crime scene while investigators seek additional clues.

Ms. Szafranski graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2007 with a degree in finance and worked as a paralegal in Chicago, riding the train to work every day with her father. Friends and family remember her as a quiet woman with an infectious laugh.

The 22-year-old Oak Forest woman’s laugh got her noticed. Even those who didn’t know her would laugh. “Her laugh was probably the most contagious laugh you ever heard,” said Mary Inorio, her college roommate. “She was full of life.”

The “Friends of Sarah Szafranski” scholarship fund is accepting donations. You can donate at Oak Forest High School, 15201 S. Central Avenue, Oak Forest, IL 60452 or call (708) 687-0500 for more information.

See Southtown Star (02/01/09) and Southtown Star (02/04/08).

I know times are tight, but I am sending a small donation to the scholarship fund in memory of one of our own, a young paralegal whose life was cut short before she had a chance to fully bloom. Wouldn’t it be great evidence of our collective power and compassion as a paralegal community if many of us sent a small donation, even a dollar each, to the fund so that the Sarah Szafranski Scholarship can contribute to the costs of a college education for deserving students, for many years to come?

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