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So You Want to Be a Virtual Paralegal

Then you definitely need to read the recent feature article, “Virtual Paralegals Move Legal Work Online,” recently published by Law Technology News.

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Some paralegals prefer the adjective “freelance” to “virtual,” because they are real paralegals, and some of their work is in-person.
  • The salary range for virtual paralegals can range from $30,000 to $75,000 per year.
  • The paralegals quoted in the article use the following file transfer services for files that are too large to email: SugarSync, DropBox, and Google Docs.
  • All of the virtual paralegals in the article are very social media-savvy.

I encourage those of you interested in a virtual paralegal career to check out both the article, as well as the websites of the virtual paralegals interviewed, including Cathy Ribble of Digital Paralegal Services, Dorothy Secol, CLA, David Moyer of Moyer Paralegal Services, Ltd., Cordina Chavis of VP Training, Pamela Starr of StarrParalegals, LLC, Daphne Drescher of ProParalegal,  and Misty Sheffield of Atlanta Paralegal Services.


4 Responses to So You Want to Be a Virtual Paralegal

  1. Many thanks for the shout-out Lynne – I for one was honored to be listed among these talented colleagues. And I'm also delighted that a publication with the stature of Law Technology News saw fit to focus on this new avenue which technological advances have made available to paralegals!

  2. … what Daphne said 😉

    I consider myself to be truly blessed to count all of you as both colleagues and friends.

    LTN has provided a huge service to our industry by making us more 'real' to the legal community at large.

  3. Thanks, Lynne, for your ongoing support for the virtual paralegal profession! My phone has not stopped ringing since the LTN article was published — guess that makes up for some of those early days when it did not ring at all!

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