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Social Media 101: Can’t Think of Anything to Post on Your Facebook Status?

Social Media 101: Can’t Think of Anything to Post on Your Facebook Status?

That’s not always a bad thing. But it’s worse if you constantly post what you had for dinner.

I stumbled upon generatus,, which claims to be a social networking status generator, “ideal for the imaginatively challenged.”

I know. Sometimes I can’t think of a thing to post. So I don’t. Novel idea, huh?

I tested generatus to see if it could overcome my occasional status writer’s block. I filled in my name and gender, and then hit the generator button to see my results. Most of them were pretty idiotic (perhaps not unlike my real status updates) but a few were surprisingly kinda accurate, like:

Bet those’ll whittle down my vast circle of people I don’t actually know Facebook friends right quick.

Most of the statuses generated were pretty ridiculous, but I did like:

Next time someone rides you about not posting regularly on Facebook, use generatus to come up with a few gems guaranteed to get a second look – or decrease your social media circle.

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