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Specialist Paralegal Training in Scotland

Specialist Paralegal Training in Scotland

by Lisa-Marie Ferla

Twice yearly Scottish Paralegal Practitioners graduate at the Barony Hall, the University of Strathclyde – making them eligible to join an elite band of over 5,000 graduates throughout the UK as a member of the Society of Specialist Paralegals.

The ceremony represents the culmination of months of hard work and intensive study on the part of paralegals. Watched by family, friends, colleagues and tutors, newly qualified paralegals receive their certificates from university dignitaries.

The University of Strathclyde pioneered the concept of paralegal training in Scotland almost twenty years ago, offering evening tutorial classes which would enable those already working in the legal profession a chance to take the next step and further their legal career with a formal academic qualification. The courses are now administered in partnership with CLT Scotland, the UK’s leading provider of legal and management training, and our popular distance learning method of study enables busy legal professionals to combine their studies with work and family commitments.

The programme is designed and developed by experienced professional tutors with an emphasis on providing the candidate with a practical understanding of their chosen area of law. The qualification is offered in eleven different subject areas – and, since 2007, a further nine subject areas in England and Wales in association with the University of the West of England.

The Society of Specialist Paralegals is the alumni association for paralegal graduates throughout the UK providing support, a quarterly magazine, networking opportunities and access to a range of CPD training courses. Members are entitled to use the designation M.S.S.P., and to work towards Fellowship Status on the completion of two years qualifying CPD.

As the paralegal profession grows from strength to strength throughout the UK, the Law Society of Scotland is moving to formally recognise the vital role this highly skilled, emerging profession plays both in legal practice and elsewhere, in commerce and industry.

For more information on paralegal training courses in the UK, please visit our website at

Lisa-Marie Ferla LLB (Hons) MSc is Media and Communications Manager with CLT Scotland, and Editor of The Specialist Paralegal magazine. The photo she is sharing is of the most recent group of graduates.

Lisa-Marie (@cltparalegal on Twitter) is one of several Scottish legal professionals I’ve gotten to know via Twitter; the social media site also functions as a sort of international penpal program. She recently started blogging for legal professionals.

2 Responses to Specialist Paralegal Training in Scotland

  1. Thanks for contributing an insider's view of the paralegal profession in Scotland. Now, for an interview with a Scottish paralegal…pretty, please? 🙂

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