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Straight from the Bottle

Straight from the Bottle

That’s what I should be drinking from after the last few very intense months. But no, that’s where the color of my hair comes from.

I may be 50, but my hair is at least 20 years younger.

Which makes me feel bad when other women stop me and exclaim, “OMG, your hair color is so pretty!”

It’s hard for me to tell lies. It’s not like I don’t think about telling them on a regular basis, it’s just that I am so bad at it, what’s the point in digging the hole any deeper.

My little sister took me out for a belated birthday dinner.
The Deets: Banana Republic sweater (GoodWill); Lace Apt. 9 top (Kohls, old); a.n.a. skinny jeans (jcp); LifeStride booties (Hamricks); Pearl necklace (used to be my mom’s)

So right at the point someone’s then exclaiming, “OMG, what color is your mama’s hair? Your cousins’ hair? Your kids’ hair?” that I try to nip it in the bud.

The sweater has a beautiful peplum in the back, which you pretty much can’t see 🙁

“Loreal. From the drugstore.” Which is sometimes greeted with, “Oh, now you’re just lying, how did you really get that hair color?”

My beautiful Teen, coming out from a bad spell, so good to see her smiling and stylin’!

I guess I can’t even tell the truth real good, either.

This girl loves a good piece of owl jewelry.

Anyhow, my hair was lookin’ as tired as I felt these days, so I breathed some fire back into it with Loreal Feria. I was hoping it would accidentally turn out purple, but Bottle Red is almost as good.

Do you have an at-home beauty treatment that helps ease the blues, even if just a bit?

20 Responses to Straight from the Bottle

  1. I LOVE your hair colour, Lynne, and if it's courtesy of L'Oreal rather than genetics, well – who cares? You are a natural redhead in spirit, and it does suit you!
    What a gorgeous cardigan, it looks so soft and cosy and feminine, and extra ladylike points for the lace underneath. Beautiful!
    And so is your Teen, who also knows a thing or two about excellent accessorising, posing, and showing off her lovely smile. Just like Mama! xxxx

  2. So good to see the Teen on here, looking beautiful and smiley. Your cardi and top are stunning on you, would you say the colour is heather?

    If I compliment someone on their hair colour, I mean – like with you – 'your hair colour is beautiful, the way it brings your eye colour out islike magic, please don't ever change it to a dull colour etc…

    I am not bothered as the compliment-er if it is real or not. Can you say, 'ah, it is perhaps a little enhanced' if people push you, but otherwise just thank them?

    My at-home treat are facemasks, sometimes I get Mr SS to have one too, with an exfoliant to start, so we have a little spa evening! Xx

  3. You and the teen are just gorgeous, your radiant smiles have brightened up my befuddled Sunday morning state a treat! Your hair colour is stunning, no wonder you get so many comments.
    Mine's painting my nails or sticking on some outlandshly bright eyes hadow, works a treat! x

  4. Wow! Fantastic to see the Teen feeling better, smilin' and stylin' – great owl, jacket and boots, and beautiful fit. You're looking great as well – gorgeous in your vivid colours and those perfect proportions.

    I don't outsource any of my grooming or "beauty" labour, so everything from haircut to pedicure and all the bathing and lotioning and potioning would (and does) do for a little self-care boost – but the best one for my outlook is more sleep. Even a little!

  5. It's wonderful to see your daughter – she is a beauty with a captivating smile. So glad she's feeling better.

    And your hair color is brilliant! I think though it's time to start making little fibs about it, just to amp up the mystery. "My great-great-grandmother was the Queen of Ireland", or something like that : >

  6. Wow, you look great, and so does The Teen! It's nice you're both out showing off your stuff. I love your hair color with the fuchsia tops, and I love the jeans with those shoes!

  7. Your Teen looks lovely in the fitted jacket, with the cute owl necklace. She has a great smile and very beautiful eyes! Glad to hear bad spell is over.

    Your hair colour is gorgeous, and you've picked the perfect colours to wear with it with this knitted cardigan and the lace-like top.

    I don't have any beauty treatments at home other than the most basic. There doesn't seem to be time for it. I think I just turn to my colourful lipsticks, which isn't really a treatment, when I need a boost.

  8. Your skinny jeans look great, hair color amazing, and that little teen and her smile is light-up-this-world the bestest thing ever.

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous!!! I do agree, I get the same. People always ask "is it natural?" And technically henna is natural – just not MY natural. Lol. Who cares if it is or not, you look gorgeous! Coloring my hair is always a comforting thing.

    I'm glad to hear the Teen is up and about. She's looking good for having been hospital bound! Send her my best wishes.

  10. Your hair looks super fab. And I love you in those colours. Perfect for redheads.

    I get compliments on my hair all the time but people know it's not my real colour due to the ombre. I'm never ashamed to say I dye it. My hair looks better now than it ever did when I was a natural blonde.

    Your teen is lovely and looks happy. I hope that means that the worst of it is in the past.


  11. I'm so happy to see the Teen smiling – she's looking pretty good there!

    I love your pink sweater and your vibrant hair color, even if it is from the bottle! I used to do that too.

    My pick me up beauty treat is an at home manicure hand treatment from BeautiControl. Makes my skin feel sooooo good.

  12. You both look just wonderful! I love that hair color on you. Glad she is feeling better, too.

    I get the hair comments, too. Three boxes of Natural Insticts #16. 🙂 I am always surprised when someone thinks it is my real color. I mean look at my kids…blonde as can be!

  13. Oh, and I usually respond to the "is that real" with "the hair is real…the color isn't". I'm not sure if they mean just my color, or the color and the length!

  14. Oh, what a beautiful smile from the Teen, and so glad to see she's feeling up to it!

    I used to dye my hair red — it took really, really well over the blonde, no double-processing required — but stopped because the upkeep was too much. I can go years between haircuts, which gives you some idea of my low tolerance for upkeep. 🙂

    For me, it's painting my toenails that gives me a boost, even when it's far from open-toe shoe season. An eyebrow-threading is my non-home boost; I always feel so much better groomed when my brows are tamed.

  15. Your hair colour is gorgeous! Don't feel bad for the tiniest of moments if it comes from a bottle or if you were blessed with it by nature. A gorgeous colour is a gorgeous colour, and not everyone knows how to (or is able to) find the best kind of shade for them. You've clearly hit upon a winner here and should be proud as punch about that.

    ♥ Jessica

  16. I actually was feeling down last night and had a bottle of color for my hair, yes I dyed my hair last night to make me feel better. And you know what, I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of I can tackle the world!

  17. Your magenta-fushia tops really gets you a bang on look along with your hair color. Who cares where it comes from – just like your clothes! And your daughter looks so divine and happy – even with all she's been through – her spirit shines!

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