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Take Immediate Action if You Are Laid Off – But Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Take Immediate Action if You Are Laid Off – But Don’t Burn Your Bridges

In Amy Dominello’s business article, “Know what to do – and not to do (tell ‘em off) – if you are let go”, she shares advice from career counselors and state employment officials. The first piece of excellent advice is to “exit professionally”. I agree that no matter how great the shock, reacting in a highly emotional or vindictive manner will not improve the situation, and may burn much needed bridges. If the layoff is not due to a personality conflict or job performance issues, you will need your most recent employer to provide a reference. I suggest that you ask your employer for a written letter of recommendation, if the layoff is not for cause and you are otherwise on good terms.

In addition to taking a deep breath, applying for unemployment and “network[ing] like crazy,” Ms. Dominello’s best advice is:

Polish your resume: Use your resume to define what you have done, not just where you have worked, career counselors say. Point out accomplishments and leadership roles both at work and in your personal life, such as through volunteering.

Look for resume examples online. [Phyllis Bickers, a career counselor at Auburn University,] urges job-hunters to put together a portfolio of work. Not only is it something to show employers, she said, but it also helps you prepare for interviews by outlining some of your top accomplishments.

A resume which includes your accomplishments and creating a professional portfolio of your work are not only good ideas for the newly laid off, but for those of you who are actively seeking employment right now.

For the full article, see the Winston-Salem Journal.

3 Responses to Take Immediate Action if You Are Laid Off – But Don’t Burn Your Bridges

  1. While I can see putting together a works portfolio with redacted briefs or complex title examinations, are there suggestions out there for work portfolio creation for those of us working on private or negotiated transactions which aren’t part of the public record? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this challenge.

    Thank you, Lynne, and other readers.

    Wendy Kimbel, ACP, NCCP
    Paralegal Assistance, Inc.
    Mebane, NC

  2. I think an online resume portfolio is an excellent way to make yourself stand out among all the current job seekers and recently layed off in the job market. I work for a site,, where users can create an online resume portofolio and show all of their work, plus have it searchable on the internet.

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