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Television’s Newest Paralegal Confounds Some Viewers

Television’s Newest Paralegal Confounds Some Viewers

And Has an Affair with the Boss

Hey, paralegals are always grumbling about insufficient representation on television legal dramas.

But it sounds like the paralegal character on ABC’s new series “The Deep End” (series premiere airing January 21) might not be a standard bearer for the profession.

Actually, per several different television review sites, some reviewers of the pilot episode can’t tell the difference between female lawyers and paralegals at the fictional Los Angeles law firm Sterling Law.

ABC says Tina Majorino plays first-year associate Addy Fisher (and the network should know because it’s their series) while and think that Addy’s a really smart paralegal.

Per, Addy’s romantically involved with her boss, Cliff as played by Billy Zane, but also attracts the attention of fresh-faced new associate, Dylan as played by Matt Long.

Dylan also manages to make a deeper connection with an ace paralegal named Addy, but every alliance at Sterling is complicated. Addy is drawn to Dylan, but it seems she hasn’t quite broken off her affair with Cliff.

All of the television sites reviewing the pilot episode agree that the paralegal is the subject of an office romantic entanglement – but all of them don’t get the characters’ roles in the law office right.

TV Fanatic has an interesting, if incorrect, character introduction: “Say hello to Addy Fisher. She’s a paralegal with a sharp mind that rivals many actual lawyers.” If Addy was a real associate, she’d probably be mad.

Matt Long confirms his character adores a paralegal – but that she’s played by Rachelle Lefevre. I’m laying odds that Long knows which actress plays his love interest.

Check out the series trailer at (Take note that Billy Zane’s senior partner character is known as “The Prince of Darkness.”)

Ya’ll, I don’t watch television much, so I’m relying on you to tell me if ABC has gone off “The Deep End” with its newest legal series.

3 Responses to Television’s Newest Paralegal Confounds Some Viewers

  1. I have yet to see an episode of this one yet. I am curious however how well the paralegals acurately portray our jobs in "The Good Wife" according to others here.


  2. My experience, it is hard to tell first year female associates from secretaries or paralegals, except they get treated better–more perks. As for paralegals/associates sleeping with the boss, in my town, I can name quite a few who went down that path.

  3. I haven't watched this yet. I did seen that Lifetime movies had a movie called "The Wronged Man" which was about a paralegal who took on a case.

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