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Thanks to, I Live My Cool Glasses Fantasy

Thanks to, I Live My Cool Glasses Fantasy

I want to give y’all a heads up; this is a product review (I promise there is an outfit at the end), but it’s about an accessory that I have already waxed lyrical about BEFORE I started style blogging. Lemme quote myself (how obnoxious, right?):

So I have reading glasses EVERYWHERE: in my purse, in the car, on my night stand, in my laptop case, in the loo, on the kitchen table, in the kitchen drawers, on the coffee table and often, on top of my head.  

And, yes, before my kids rat me out, I’ve been known to wear reading glasses on top of my regular glasses – but only in the privacy of my home. 

~ “Got Reading Glasses?” (May 2009)

The Blythe frame (black/purple); (scarf gift from Megan at Megan Mae Daily)
So when offered me an opportunity to review their products, I said, “I’m your girl!” And by girl, I mean 50 years old, kinda abashed owner of a trifocals prescription, and so vain that I rarely wear said way-too-thick-lens-because-I’m-pretty-much-blind glasses in favor of the ol’ contact lenses and reading glasses combo. (I can’t afford Botox, so this is as close as I get to not accepting my age.)

The Blythe frame again, with my antique beaded collar (worn backwards)
But I love glasses as a fashion accessory, and I always think they look so cool on other peeps. The inexpensive reading glasses I usually pick up on the fly at Wally World or my local pharmacy don’t even pretend to look like real glasses. (And why should they when they’re part of a three-pack for $7.88?)

The Bates frame (black/green) (animal print purple scarf, thrifted)
However, when I started perusing the cool collection of readers at, I nearly hyperventilated. I was going to get reading glasses that were actually trendy, pretty, and cute. (If you’re younger than 40, and you’re completely puzzled by this post, bookmark it and come back when the print on your fave e-reader becomes blurry and you’re too embarrassed to increase the font again.)

The Wild Thing frame (red) (scarf gift from Gracey at Fashion for Giants)
Even though I have a huge head when it comes to hats, I have a small face when it comes to glasses. So I picked size small in readers, and then selected three styles I thought would make me look extremely intelligent and hip, you know, that whole uber-geeky old school glasses thing that’s going round right now. (I hope it stays ’cause I like the view through the super large lenses.)

When I opened the box, and tried my selections on, I knew I had reached a new and awesome level in my love of readers. These peepers are true fashion accessories, and extremely affordable ones at that. Prepare to see them in many future outfit posts. I love them all, but the purple ones are my fave to date. Yes, I will be ordering at least another pair or two in different styles so that I can rock my chic readers (no matter where I am), and finally be the cute girl in glasses.

Even my mom loved the readers from, especially the purple ones. is kindly offering The Goodwill Fangirl readers 30% off its regular prices, but you have to click here to get the discount.

This is the whole base outfit (minus fabo reading glasses), if anyone is still here:

Petite Sophisticate sweater (Goodwill); Antique beaded collar made in Japan in the 1950s ($5, eBay); Monet’s Water Lilies print tee from The Met (I know, a shame to cover up the lilies, oops); old stretch jeans; boots from Kohl’s clearance last year; Corgi print by Joni James from CalligramORama (via Etsy)
Pink bangle (Goodwill); Purple hinge bangle (Chinatown NYC); Antique beaded collar eBay
Whew, long post for me. Don’t get me excited y’all, I will likely never shut up 😛

14 Responses to Thanks to, I Live My Cool Glasses Fantasy

  1. Your glasses collection is the same as mine! In every room, sometimes twice, and two pairs at my office : > These new readers are fab indeed, I love "The Wild Thing". You've inspired me to upgrade! xox

  2. I know I will need reading glasses someday, so it's nice to know there are stylish options out there! They all look quite nice on you!

    I love the entire outfit at the end – the layering is lovely and I love the boots!!

  3. You look cute in them – I like the narrower pair. Purple is the new tortoiseshell when it comes to glasses – I'm shocked by how much it goes with. Looking lovely, Lynne – that vintage collar is uh-mazing.

  4. Hah! While my myopic eyes do not yet need readers, I'll keep this post bookmarked! I dig your sense of humor, and these look great on you. Go on denying your age; it clearly has not yet gotten your forwarding address. 😀

  5. You look ADORABLE in the readers with your pixie haircut!!!

    I wear my prescription glasses all the timne so no need for readers–but my new glasses now sport kewl purple frames. Why not be funky???

  6. The Blythes are cute as heck on you, and definitely the style that I've seen on other trendy folks around the internet and fashionable places like San Francisco. (Well, fashionable-ish.)

    Also, I am LOVING the collar/sweater combo–now you've got my mind working on a gold/lavender outfit I could possibly wear…

  7. "If anyone is still here"?! – oh, you jest. Of course you had to do a product review, these readers give you the exact mix of geek and chic you were looking for. And I love the variations you did on your top, but that beaded collar is a real conversation piece. "Mom" is pretty fab in her new specs as well. Yeah, I put my readers over my glasses at home too, or wear my glasses on the tippy tip of my nose.

  8. All the frames look fabulous on you, Lynne. Every time I see you with your cute pixie cut, I think how youthful and beautiful you look, it suits you so well.
    Love that beaded collar, so pretty.
    Keep talking, don't shut up! xxxx

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