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That 70s Show

That 70s Show

So, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share publicly on the Internetz what happened to me and my sis (hereinafter “Sis” ’cause I’ve only got just the one) when we recently got in our “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [and behave like a total Spaz]” mode.

First, Sis calls to say she has front row tickets to see K.C. and The Sunshine Band!!!! Far out! Actually, I was a little young to go to discos in the 70s, but figured here was my chance to actually boogie down. Plus, she paid for us to go to the pre-concert cocktail party, where I imagined tons of righteous peeps would be letting it all hang out in groovy psychedelic patterns, platform shoes, and peace jewelry.

What, Whippersnappers? I heard you. You said, “Who th’ hell is K.C. and The Sunshine Band?” just like half the whippersnappers at the concert whose folks drug them there so they could relate. Or something.

Ah, now it’s coming to you. Bet ya you’ve shook your booty in an elevator at least once in your life, and didn’t even know why.

Second, I tell Sis one cannot go to a 70s concert without giving the 70s a nod in one’s attire. She immediately said, “NO.”

Okay, fine. I’m still going to be waving at K.C. in the front row in appropriate dress – for a disco. A paralegal friend offers up a $5 eBay score from the 70s, and then Sis comes around to the plan, and starts borrowing stuff from friends. We are stoked!

This is kind of a long embarrassing tale, but there are pics after the jump, I promise.

Only the night of the concert I find that my pretty powder blue dress is entirely see-through, and I have no appropriate foundation garments. I grab the vintage maxi dress I scored last year for $6, throw on a cool scarf from Megan, and load on tons of blue eye shadow, which my kids said looked so good on me I should wear it every day. They weren’t even joking.

Orange never looked good on me until I died my hair neon red.

I get to Sis’s house, and lay eyes on her outfit for the first time, and realize that she is going as Zebra Boogie Dancer. I’m both awe-inspired and slightly speechless. I know I will look like a wilting orange wallflower next to her. We grab lots of silly pics because this is really stellar, and we laugh all the way to the concert.

I will never tire of looking at these pants.

Until we reach the venue, and realize there is a cocktail party in progress. I quietly stated the obvious, “Sis, that is a REAL cocktail party.” You know, like serious (as in very serious) sedate high brow fund-raising event. Jackets and ties for the gents, cute summery cocktail dresses for the ladies. I got nary a funky vibe but an awful lot of strange looks.

We clearly have no idea what’s coming.

Sis said, with all of her heart and soul, “I am going to KILL you.” I was pretty sure she was going to, and wanted to leave immediately, but then she said, “I paid for these tickets, and WE ARE GOIN’ IN.” Yeah, which was harder than you think since NO ONE was dressed to disco except a cool 70s dude waiter. Then everyone wanted their pics made with us, and even more with just Sis. I realize they think we are paid to be there, and am sorry to have not thought to open my vintage 70s evening bag and announce that we would not be averse to tips.

Then Sis discovered her front row tickets were for the mezzanine level, and I thought she might kill anyone responsible for selling tickets. I was disappointed K.C. wasn’t even going to get to see Zebra Boogie Dancer.

Girls just wanna have fun.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ve applied for entry into The Witness Protection program, ’cause I’m pretty sure Sis still plans to kill me. I’m not sure why. It’s not like I dressed her.

P.S. All that blonde hair is hers. My red hair piece arrived an hour after I left for the concert. Prepare to see it on the blog, because as I told Vix, a fake pony tail is on my 50+ Style Blogger Bucket List. Almost there, readers, almost there.

I’m donating my Sis to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. Where all the groovy visible dudes hang out.

28 Responses to That 70s Show

  1. I LOVE your maxi dress (I remember your gorgeous beach photos!) and will never need the Witness Protection program myself as I am lost in the labyrinth of those PANTS. Stupendously awesome!

  2. OMG, I live for Sister stories like these. I am sending to my Sis, Right Now. Celebrate good times, uh-huh. Thank you and I mean THANK YOU for sharing this with Visible Monday!! xoxoxox oh and p.s. you both look amaze-balls.

  3. Oh. Em. Gee. Lynne you and the Sis look soooooo super dooper far out and I LOVE that you wore these to the concert and the cocktail party. You go ladies! You are both so beeeeautiful!!! I am so jealous!

  4. This is the best!!!! You look totally and completely glamorous and your kids are right!!! You should dress like that all the time. It suits you. Sis is amazing in her own right. I'm impressed with her hair (!!!) and the magnificent bell bottoms. Kudos to you both for rolling with it and having a blast. Love you!!!

  5. LOL! You guys look so fabulous. Almost too hot to handle! Yow!

    I'm so glad I went ahead and sent you those scarves. The orange looks perfect with that 70s dress. You both totally rock!

  6. HA! I love that you were the only ones dressed up! What an awesome story! You look uh-mazing and your sis, well, I can see that whackitude runs in the family. ;-P

    I hope you had a fabulous time!

  7. Lynne, you are absolutely knock-out groovy gorgeous. Your sister too. I'm so glad you know how to live life to the max. Everyone at the cocktail party wished they were you guys. YAY!!!! And blue eyeshadow is cra (short for crazy, I just learned this new hip word, excuse me if I'm using it incorrectly) Don't worry, KC and those sunshine guys would have seen you from the stage even on the mezzanine level. You've got star power, baby!!

  8. Oh Lynne, you and your Sis look amazing! I just love your maxi dress (of course I do) and if I had the midriff for it, I would LOVE to wear your sister's outfit, she looks fabulous!
    I think when something like that happens, you just have to hold your head high, shake your booty like crazy, and brazen it out – there's no hiding, so you might as well enjoy the attention! And of course everyone wanted to have photos taken with you both, you look like proper Disco Divas, far more interesting than a dull little cocktail frock…
    Sis'll get over it. She'll even laugh about it. Just keep your head down for a while! xxxx

  9. You both look amazing! I can just see you rocking that stuffy cocktail party. Hope you had a blast and that you both had a chance to shake your booties! Xo

  10. Wow, you can't make up stories like that! Your sister's outfit is just amazing, but yours is both amazing and beautiful – and at least you'll wear yours again!

  11. I'm so glad you didn't leave! You both looked too fabulous! Sometimes you just have to say "what the hell!" and do something fun.

  12. Oh my-lanta, you both look AWESOME!! I bet there were tons of folks at the cocktail party who wished they had dressed like you and your sis. P.s. I love KC & The Sunshine Band.

  13. I'm still laughing as I type away. This is one of the best sister-stories I've heard and its REAL. It's great to have a sister but to have one that is just as much fun as you is a super duper bonus. I still remember going to the disco's every Friday night and thoroughly enjoying K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Dang, why didn't I keep some of those outfits?

  14. Um … yes, I remember KC et al. You both looked adorable. And why would you NOT think about retro-dressing? Really, your orange dress should have passed muster anyway at the cocktail party.
    Isn't red hair great with everything in your wardrobe!?
    Have a great week, recuperating.

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