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11 Responses to That’s a Pretty (Big) Hat

  1. Well this post made me feel better. My Tigers baseball hat is a 7 5/8 or something, perhaps even a 7 3/4. GIANT. The only non baseball hat I've ever found that fits my huge head was a gorgeous straw floppy from the Gap outlet. Go figure. I'd LOVE a cloche though, going to check out that eBay seller!

  2. Snap! My head is exactly the same size as yours. I've got a handful that fit but so many I find have to be sold on, it's very frustrating to see them go.
    Hilarious guest post and a beautiful hat!xxx

  3. Your hats are beautiful on you, Lynne, whatever the size of your head! As a fellow big head, I share your search for perfectly fitting hats of deliciousness!
    PS. Thank you for your lovely comment, if my blog does anything to cheer you up when times are tough, then I'm very pleased. xxx

  4. Ooooh, yes. I just commented to you over at Kathleen's. Her blog is fantastic and your piece is wonderful. Yes, your cloche is gorgeous! Hats off (bwa-ha-ha) to the photographer too.

  5. You looks so cute in all those hats, especially the cloche shapes!

    I have the opposite problem – when I try on hats, they usually slip down over my eyes! Fortunately, I can live without having the perfect hat, but I do keep looking when I see a nice one.

  6. Gorgeous hat! Heading over (lol pun intended).

    I have a tiny head, which is equally frustrating for finding glasses and hats. I do now own 4 hats that look alright on my tiny head.

  7. I love the hat! I have the opposite problem – my head is tiny (but my brain is very dense!) so hats usually don't fit me at all. Makes me sad!

  8. Oh, just now catching up with my regular reads, after being laid out by hayfever for a few days, and this hat is just beyond pretty. The colour works so beautifully with your hair and eyes, and how I love a cloche!

    I, too, have the Big Head issues. When I get a hat that fits and looks great, it NEVER leaves my wardrobe, fashionable or not.

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