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The Other Closet Orphans No. 1

The Other Closet Orphans No. 1

Or, Hello, You’re Still Here?

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Or nonexistent. Take your pick.

I also have not given up taking photos of what I’m wearing from our PUD (Planned Unit Development for real estate experts, tiny li’l condos for those of y’all that speak plain English) parking lot. I think parking lot photos really speak to my expertise as a budget style blogger.

 The Deets: Spense dress (never worn with price tags still attached. No, I don’t know why.); Liz Claiborne Flex Pumps in snakeskin (this is a neutral in my liberal style book); enamel hinged bracelet from Chinatown, NYC last October; same ol’ ghostly skinny legs

So, sticking to my greatly exaggerated style expertise, I performed a little experiment last week with my “Other Closet Orphans”. I’ve seen many style bloggers address Closet Orphans, but I’m on a dead overly super serious mission to discover as many clothes as I can that don’t cost more than $5. Because I am on a no-shopping ban. Because I have no money. Yes, to both.

Raise your hand if you have an “Other Closet” full of Closet Orphans. This is not the Goodwill Pile (I donate tons weekly, even more so now that our home has to reach an insanely high level of medical cleanliness only achieved in vacuum-packed canned foods and restaurants that have advance notice of inspections). I have been known to dump out the Goodwill Pile and take back the same unworn wrap dress repeatedly. For years. Yes, I totally swear there will be a post of me actually wearing it coming to a blog near you soon. (I’ve photographed myself in it at least twice for the blog but decided it looked so horrible I was donating it. Never say die.)

Photo credit: The Absent Minded Professor
The cracks in the pavement are art to me. Not kidding.

This is the Other Closet, you know, where the Good. Stuff. that you can’t, or for some forgotten reason won’t wear yourself, but is going to net you loads of more secondhand clothes or a measly amount of cash at your local Slightly Snobby Better Consignment Shop. You know, the closet of good intentions or selfish means to justify more shopping (take your pick) that never actually gets to your local Slightly Snobby Better Consignment Shop because you don’t have time, are ignoring it while pretending to forget it, or just forgot. (All three in my sad, sad case.)

I decided to shop The Other Closet Orphans last week, and daaaaaang, if I didn’t find some Good. Stuff. I was all, “Why would anyone in their right mind get rid of these sweet unworn or barely worn clothes,” just like I say repeatedly out loud at our local Goodwill and Salvation Armani Army. I do know that we change sizes sometimes, and think a couple of these dresses shifted closets a few years ago when I had a health crisis and got down to 105 pounds. Which is ridiculous on me.

So I’ll be showing off my free clothes, or at least the ones I’ve already paid for once but prematurely tried to eject from my closet, like a good budget style blogger in the coming weeks, in a brilliant pretty okay series stupidly aptly titled The Other Closet Orphans.

You are so welcome. And Hello, you’re still here?


21 Responses to The Other Closet Orphans No. 1

  1. I can't believe this dress was nwt!!!! It looks great on you Lynne. I've thought about your goodwill posts all the time and I have the perfect looks but I can't seem to keep my focus lately to send it to you. I'm so sorry.

  2. I love the phrase, "the closet of good intentions"! And yes, until a week ago, I had such a closet. Have seriously whittled down my professional wardrobe, which may have drastic consequences on my blog. That said, this is a great little dress and the price is even better.

    What's up with the medical cleanliness.

    • The Teen is undergoing a bone marrow transplant in about two months. Her autoimmune system will be completely knocked out, and it could take as long as a year for it to recover. There are so many things that she can't eat or be exposed to, that working to get the house to the required sanitation level requires a lot more attention than I'm used to. I have to get everything not used out so I can have the carpets cleaned and a house-cleaning service come in and literally wash the walls

      So glad you're back, Terri!.

  3. I love the names of your closets, Lynne! This dress is too pretty, and you are too gorgeous in it, to banish it to the O.C. And your hair, omg, it is amazingly awesome. xoxox

  4. Still here! Happy to see you!

    I love the Other Closet idea – I do have one, but it's strictly for my Closet Archives (and I do weed things out once in a while). My real orphans live in my real closet and sometimes I get rid of those too.

    I like this purple on you.

  5. You crack me up, but no, I don't have any closet orphans. Or I might. I tend to weed things out when I run out of hangers, and right now I'm good.

  6. LOL! I do have a small pile of clothes that fall under that category. They're often pieces that are too cool for me to get rid of, but I don't wind up wearing them near enough myself. And hey, if you ever need to get rid of that purple dress, I call dibs.

    I ADORE your hair Lynne. So so much.

    I'm going to go fall over on my pain killers now.

  7. Yes – still here. And laughing at the thought of that repeatedly-rescued wrap dress that you don't really like, and all the Good Stuff just waiting to be accepted back into the Proper Closet!
    The purple dress looks great on you, Lynne, it's a fabulous colour, especially against you hair.
    I am in awe of you having to achieve, and maintain, a clinical level of hygiene at home. Guessing it is in readiness for the challenges that lie ahead for your lovely girl – and achieving a super-duper clean house is no doubt the lesser challenge, though still tricky enough… Good luck.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what else you unearth in that other closet, I bet there are treasures galore! xxxx

  8. The purple dress is adorable on you Lynne–great style and color!! It needs to be un-orphaned!!

    The unseen wrap dress can't be THAT heinous!! If it won't get you featured on you're good!!

    Awful reason to have to be doing such a purge/cleaning but the end results ( a spiffy home and healthy Teen) will be worth all the trouble!!

  9. You look so hot in that purple shift and sassy hair! can't believe you didn't wear it sooner! I'm currently wearing a maxi I rescued from the charity bag this morning, thank goodness I did, I don't know why it was there in the first place! xxx

  10. I think this might be my favourite dress that you've ever worn. Not only does it fit perfectly and have the most amazing cut but the colour! Wow…it is perfect. Never never give up this dress. Seriously Don't do it.


  11. Hello lovely! I missed you. That dress is fantastic on you, and the purple really likes your hair colour. Well done for shopping your closet/wardrobe. I have things that go in and out of the donation bag too 🙂

    Like Curtise, I am guessing that the house cleanliness is for the Teen? Sending you very best wishes for her over the next few months.

  12. Can't believe this dress was orphaned! It's one of my favorites! Love the color, fit and drape of the neckline. Super duper pretty.

  13. It kills me to get rid of clothes and yes, shopping the donation bag is a real problem. I've finally figured out that if I give stuff to my sisters or daughter-in-law, I can add the caveat that I can get it back. That way I can let stuff go, and to date, I've never asked for anything back.

    The purple dress is a WINNER, especially with your glamorous hair. Love the shoes too. XXOO

  14. Hi Lynne,
    You are one awesome lady – dealing with all you;re dealing with and still indulging us with your awesome blogging.
    Hope you get all done in the home department – I can imagine how stressful it must be.
    This dress is stunning and as always you look fabulous. I do so love your hairstyle.
    Huggz and have an awesome week

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