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The Other Closet Orphans No. 2

The Other Closet Orphans No. 2

Remember last week when I was rattling on about shopping my own closet? Well, it was too much fun, and almost free if you don’t take into account I’d already paid for these mostly unworn garments once. Most of these better dresses came from Steinmart’s 80% off the final clearance racks, so they were purchased at better thrift store prices (like $10-$12 each) to start with. I’m so miserly cheap thrifty.

The Deets: Maggy L dress (Steinmart, old); Lia Sophia convertible pendant (neighbor’s party, old); Aerosole pumps (like high-heeled sneakers for the office, Steinmart, old. They’re so strange, they garner lots of compliments.)

This is my oooh-la-la dress. I wore it once on the blog with faux pearls and one of my Grandma Jackets (the one from Anthropologie).

The Absent-Minded Professor remarked that I looked like Barbara Bush in the outfit.

When he saw my face, he hastily added, “But much prettier.”

Too late. Into the consignment closet the dress went.

 I’m building my parking lot model resume.

I decided to give the poor dress another shot sans faux pearls and grandma jacket. Now I love it, because all the twists and ruching give some oooh-la-la to my otherwise straight pencil figure.

Has your significant other ever said anything about something you were wearing that made you donate or consign it, due to the less than stellar response?

P.S. I will be catching up on you guys’ blogs this week! Can’t wait!

16 Responses to The Other Closet Orphans No. 2

  1. Yup. DH said a long denim skirt was "matronly," so it went right out the door. Now he keeps his opinions to himself, because he's veeeeeeeeery frugal and hates to see me buy something then not wear it!

  2. I love the colour on you, and yes, the ruching on the front is very flattering. Barbara Bush? I don't think so!
    My other half knows better than to comment on what I wear, but he does have his sniffy take on my "church picnic dresses" – an intended insult which I promptly reclaimed with great delight, and it certainly hasn't stopped me wearing them! xxxx

  3. You look amazing in this dress! It's a great color on you and the fit is amazing. I have a pair of floral cropped pants that my husband calls "the grandma bedspread" pants, but I don't care, LOL! Heather

  4. I'm glad you're keeping this dress–it's gorgeous on you!!!

    The hubster just looks at me funny at times. I basically ignore the fashion advice of someone who thinks buying a STRIPED polo shirt to wear with his dockers is EDGY!!!

  5. Glad you rescued the dress, it's really fab and you look stunning! My husband knows that the "M" word, matronly, will kill a look in a heartbeat.

  6. Aww that dress is smokin on you! Skip the pearls and jacket, because covering that fab dress will lose it's shaping powers.

    I usually ignore any unsolicited advice. If I like something I'm wearing, I'll rock it whether everyone hates it or not.

  7. The ruching makes the dress interesting without any accessories. My DH likes me to wear body-conscious clothing, stuff that I'm very self-conscious in.

  8. I'm sending a friend to your blog — I keep telling her to stop shopping the stores and start shopping her own closet!! This is the exact reason why — that dress looks great on you!

  9. That's too funny. Yes, husbands can sometimes make the "not exactly what I was going for" remark. haha
    You are definitely wearing an ooh la la version of this dress today!

  10. It's funny because the AP didn't mean it like that! Mr SS thought I looked 'like Bon Jovi' in a leather jacket… I promptly bought it. JBJ is my style icon 😉 xx

  11. I don't get comments like that, more along the lines of, "Is that what you're wearing?" said very quietly. And very quietly I'll respond, "Of course, unless you'd like to add my paisley jacket." Or, "You look like an anime character," and I'll laugh, "Great." And then we'll both laugh. I'm glad you're keeping this dress. It's classic styling and you look beautiful in it.

  12. How Beautiful is your hair here? WOW!! Now that I got past that, the Navy Dress is so Chic with a little Retro thrown in for good measure. Loving the Necklace & especially the Shoes.

    Sorry I hadn't stopped by in a while but I am soooo busy these days.

    Hope all is well with you & your family. Your daughter especially. Please EMail me Lynne.

    P.S. Cracking up when you said you perfected the Parking Lot poses.

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