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This Here Is a Medal-Winning Paralegal Blog

This Here Is a Medal-Winning Paralegal Blog

Or I Get a Consolation Prize for Not Being Included in Top Law Blog Scam

When I read “Blogger Award Scam Aimed at Top Law Bloggers” at Social Media Law Student, I gotta confess that my first thought wasn’t “What a rip off” or “How dare they try to hoodwink some of the best legal bloggers in the country,” but rather this, which I promptly shared in a comment at the post:

I started reading this post, and then got my supplies together to throw a big Pity Party (Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a spatula, brand new bag of Double Stuf Oreos, a Cosmo (the martini, not the mag) and my phat Welsh Corgi Phoebe) ’cause paralegals are treated like the red-headed stepchildren of the blawgosphere and we never get included in Top 100 Law Blog scams – maybe ’cause we’re not lawyers but still – and then I saw your Medal of Awesomeness and thought that it makes all those hours of blogging into the wee hours mainly so my mama can tell her friends I’m an author totally worthwhile, so I put back all of the Pity Party supplies, except for the dog and the Cosmo.

This is Practical Paralegalism’s first – and possibly last – medal. And I’m gonna ignore the fact that SMLS is spreading ’em around like peanut butter.

I am definitely showing it to my mama, and hanging it smack dab on the front of my refrigerator, right beside the middle school cafeteria’s lunch menu for the month, which features a number of healthy meals that my teen won’t eat. This dream menu also neglects to inform parents that if your child spends your hard-earned dough to eat a la carte instead, she can have French fries, cheese sticks and cookies for lunch every single day.

Is that a nutritional combo worthy of its own Medal of Awesomeness, or what?

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