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This Paralegal Ain’t Snookered by Cartoon Lawyers

This Paralegal Ain’t Snookered by Cartoon Lawyers

When I received an email from attorney and cartoonist Charles Pugley Fincher a few days ago, telling me I got a mention in a recent Legal Blog Watch post about his tweeting cartoon attorneys Richard Prickman and Beatrice Bitcher, I’ll confess my initial reaction was that of any star struck legal blogger mentioned in a major legal blog, “Oh my Gawd, I’m in Legal Blog Watch, I must be doing something right in my little corner of the legal blogosphere, dang, girl, do a little dance” – which I then promptly did at my desk – even before I checked out why I got a shoutout.

So I start reading the post and get the giggles because Dick is so truly true to himself, and by that I mean absolutely egocentric, unrepentant, and you know, right about stuff in a twisted but logical sort of way, like with this quote included in the post, “Law and morality go hand in hand. And money? Morality…Money. Both begin ‘Mo’ and end with ‘y.'”

Then my mouth drops open as I read on and discover that Dick and Bea “snookered” more than one professional on Twitter into thinking they were the most obnoxious, possibly under-the-influence of something other than a passion for justice – but real – attorneys on the planet. And me, my mention in the post is for NOT getting snookered.

This is a good thing, right? I mean, so I didn’t get mentioned for my brilliant coverage of all things paralegal (yet) or even coming up with the phrase, “You’ve been bitchered” (when Bea tweets you), but the important thing is that a paralegal did not get snookered by a non-existent attorney (sorry, Dick), who recently tweeted, “…remember my rules for paralegals. No food, drink, talking or restroom while working.”

With tweets like that, I can see how folks could be fooled, because he does sort of sound like some real attorneys. But all in all, the Legal Blog Watch post just supports my belief that paralegals are smarter than your average bear…and know how to use Google.

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