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This Paralegal Blog Is Celebrating Year Three!

This Paralegal Blog Is Celebrating Year Three!

Somehow, this card from someecards,, says it best:

I know y’all pro’bly forgot to send me flowers, or a card, but a reader comment at this post, even via Anonymous, just to let me know you’re out there, would be sweet. Really sweet.

Because I do have dark days, mostly when I’m tired, extra-stressed, and/or under the weather, when I think about giving up Practical Paralegalism. Two of my favorite bloggers have recently taken hiatuses, and I totally get why. It requires dedication and consistency to keep a blog going by yourself. Most of you know I work full-time and have a family, including a child with a chronic illness. I don’t get paid for blogging, and I won’t even generate a pittance by turning on those annoying banner ads for online paralegal programs I don’t know anything about, and can’t endorse.

So why do I do it? I love maintaining a place in the blawgosphere for legal staffer news and items of interest. I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of my readers, virtually and in person (except for the psycho, slanderous ones, of course). Plus, I like standing on my soapbox, reminding legal professionals everywhere that paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, and legal staffers by any other name, are all essential to the practice of law.

You all rock, and thank you so much for reading and supporting Practical Paralegalism for the last three years.

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9 Responses to This Paralegal Blog Is Celebrating Year Three!

  1. I'm out here! Happy anniversary. I love the blog, and am so glad I found it. I would like to say I've been reading for all three years, but I only found you few months ago when I began my paralegal certificate program. Thanks for a great read.

  2. Happy Anniversary. A teacher at my paralegal diploma program made us listen to you on a monthly podcast for an assignment, and I have been following you since. Thanks!

  3. Happy 3 Lynne! I for one am mighty impressed with the work you have done to make a presence in the online legal community and consider you a big sister in the sisterhood.

    And thank you for sharing that you too have dark days. I have this unrealistic vision of you jumping out of bed all smiles and dancing your way through the day, which, quite frankly is a lot for this bitter old paralegal to live up to. 🙂

    Peace and thank you my friend!


  4. Happy Anniversary! I found this blog about 2 months ago. I absolutely love it as well as Paralegal Voice. Because of you, I have learned and gained so much knowledge about the profession and how to further my career as a paralegal.


  5. Happy (belated) anniversary Lynne! I learn something new whenever I read your blog. Your ideas and recommendations are the best! I want to thank you again for publishing the “Workers Compensation for Paralegals” book. That is my “go to” when I’m trying to decode a doctor’s note/diagnosis. Thank you for sharing!!!

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