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To the Maxi

To the Maxi

A while back when I wondered what I had to offer as a secondhand style blogger since I don’t go to an office job anymore, one nice reader said, “Just show us what you’re wearing every day.”

As we start our third month of living on a bone marrow transplant unit (almost fourth month if you count the three weeks we spent at the hospital in June for the pre-transplant work-up…er, I do), I admit that taking pics of myself hardly ever occurred to me, but I found one that I must have taken on a good day at home. And it’s a good representation of what I look like most days in the hospital.

 Ye Gads, I am wearing a headband!
Blouse (secondhand, thredUP); Maxi (Charlotte Russe clearance rack); Blue bracelet (you get a permanent one to wear everyday for FREE on the bone marrow unit)

Yep, I’m usually stressed out, and dressed down, to the maxi. (Yes, I had to go there.)

Today, I had actual business this morning, and leapt (I mean LEAPT!!!!)  at the opportunity to wear “real” clothes. The temp was 85 degrees so I gave my pasty white legs an un-maxi-covered outing. It’s clear I need to give my camera skills a few more outings, too. It looks like I had the exposure on “super pasty pale yellow cardi”…

Loft sleeveless dress (Goodwill); Cardi (Banana Republic clearance a few year ago); Wedges (Rack Room, old); 
Vintage belt & coral rose brooch from my mom but no good pics, sorry)
The Absent Minded Professor takes the best secondhand style pics, so bear with me for a while. We might be together in the same house, say, by December. 
I miss normalcy. And my own bed. And you guys of course. 

24 Responses to To the Maxi

  1. Aw Lynne I am so inspired by the strength of your family at this time and I am SO glad we are FB friends so that I can keep tabs on you and the fam! You look GORGEOUS, like a true hero (as my niece would say. She is 7 with spina bifida and has recently become obsessed with the movie Hercules. She always tries to find ways to be a "true hero" LOL). I think that second look is just beautiful on you. The cardigan is so pretty. Lots and lots of hugs to you and your family!

    • Robin, your beautiful niece is one of my true heroes – I hope you'll tell her so. I don't feel like a hero, and I know KeeCee doesn't feel like a hero – yet. The recovery process is so grueling that she isn't herself yet. But I hang my hat on where I imagine she will be this time next year – in college, enjoying her classes, new friends, and life without the random, vicious attacks of Sickle Cell Disease.

  2. We miss you, too and it's always exciting when you pop by for a visit. You look stunning in that maxi and the 85 degree dress is ace! xxx

  3. Lynne, you look beautiful. I love your short sassy hair (with the hairband too!) and it's great to see you taking a break from all The Stuff with a couple of outfit pics at home. You are wonderful in both – gorgeous and relaxed and elegant in the maxi, and very cute and ladylike in the dress and canary cardigan. Love the colours.
    We all miss you too. Much love. xxxxx

  4. Awww!! I miss you Lynne!! I actually have two "normal" clothes dresses to pass onto you if you want them. I haven't worn that Calvin Klein red dress but once, and have a similar style one in black I've never worn.

    • I miss you, too, but at least I have Sasha Jane to console me when I can get home. Our Pet Auntie, Rebecca, is taking lots of fun pics of the fur babies and sharing them on FB, so at least we get to cuddle vicariously 🙂

      I just did a big purge, but I kept all my "normal" dresses to run around in – on a college campus in the spring – so, yes, anything you are passing on I'd love to try, via The Great Circle of Clothes. Anything I get "new" these days is very secondhand, and usually via the cool thrift shop right around the corner from the hospital. All the profits go to medical and nursing student scholarships. Beautiful!

  5. You look pretty fabulous in your easygoing everyday maxi! I hope the Teen's treatment is going well and that she's not too bored with it. At least you're still smiling!

  6. Lynne you look amazing – I love a good maxi and you styled yours so well here! I love the second outfit too, but there's just something about that maxi look that I adore. I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself as much as you are the Teen. Much love to you as always!

  7. I am really loving that new hairdo on you.

    Both outfits are great but I think I might like the first one more. You seem more relaxed which I know is the opposite of how you actually felt. Maybe that is exhaustion I'm reading.

    So happy to hear that things seem to be progressing well. I've missed you.


  8. Oh Lynne it is so lovely to see you! I miss you. I cannot load KeeCee's new blog so am not able to get updates any more. It is great to see you here. Lots of love to you all, especially KeeCee.

    You could wear a dressing gown every day and I'd want to see it. You look beautiful in both outfits – your hair looks so funky short and redd-y xxx

  9. I think you look fabulous in a headband! Your hair is so awesome in this cut. I love seeing what you wear, no matter what it is.

    Best vibes to the Teen and all of your fam – hope you will be together again soon!

  10. Despite the stress, you are looking radiant, and I love the headband with your gorgeous short cut and the color. Both outfits reflect your style! Thinking of you as you continue this difficult journey and hoping that your gorgeous daughter is moving into perfect health.

  11. I agree with what so many have said, you do look beautiful in both outfits. What a stressful time. Your hair looks fabulous!

    blue hue wonderland

  12. Yet you look fabulous. Its true that if you take the time to put yourself together when you are feeling less that perfect, eventually, you will start to feel better. And those sandals are The Business.

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