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To Sheila, With Love

To Sheila, With Love

Or Break Out Your Party Dress!

Sheila of Ephemera‘s birthday isn’t until next week, but she’s hosting a birthday party tonight! This party will be so fun, that it’s almost guaranteed someone will lose an article of clothing. In fact, someone already has!

I so wanted to attend, in real-time. But Sheila lives in Canada. The next best thing is attending her e-Party invite, but I felt a little like Cinderella. I’m a paralegal for a law firm. I don’t have many party dresses. You’ve already seen the lone “People Dress” a lot.  I have one other appropriate for nighttime weddings. Very sad, I know.

The Deets:  Rhinestone necklace (um, I wore this in the 80s, so, er, vintage); Assorted stretch bracelets (thrifted, Loft, Walmart, Jada’s Jewels); Peruvian Connection stretch dress (thrifted); rialto shooties (Ross last year when they were burgundy, but now they’re oxblood, yep)

I did what Cinderella would have done if she coulda gotten a ride and a babysitting gig for the extra bucks, and went to a couple of local thrift stores, hoping to spend under two tenners for something to wear for Sheila’s party, upcoming holiday parties, and to work. Because on my budget, if you’re coming home with me, you have to be a multi-tasking dress.

The Corgi ran out when we did, thinking we were going to the beach. This is her “what the hell are you doing standing there like a fool in the parking lot?” look. I actually get that a lot.

Not only did I find this cool stretch denim sheath dress with a burnout floral pattern, but I found a DOG bracelet (see photo). I thought it was a stretch saints bracelet like the Teen picked up at the local Greek Festival, that I have been coveting, and whining about why she didn’t buy me one, too. I actually yelped when I first laid eyes on this one, and then squealed when I saw it was dogs, not saints. I won’t tell you what I did when I took it to the cash register and paid $3.50 for it.

Who let the dogs out? I’m pretty much never taking this bracelet off.

Then we tried to get our groove thing on, but she kept trying to herd me to the car to go to the beach.

Guess who I was thinking of when I saw this dress? Sheila. It reminds me of her long, slim, well-tailored denim skirts, and the cool prints on many of her separates and dresses. Even better, I stayed true to who I am and what my style is now (and likely always has been): streamlined, monochromatic, with a touch of major, sometimes goofy, bling. After some experimentation over the past year, it’s something I finally owned after a year or more of studying you guys’ amazing style blogs. Be who you are. Nobody looks better doing that than you.

Sparkles, per Sheila’s request.

Happy, happy birthday, Sheila! I hope you have many, many more, because you are a huge part of my life, and I love you and your style. I have a little prezzie for you, too, and am hoping you’ll email me your address. I know I could have asked Megan, but I didn’t want to appear stalkerish.

P.S. If you want to know what I’m like at parties, give me two drinks and play this song. I won’t remember a thing.

Photo credit: The Absent-Minded Professor (when I asked him how I looked, he said, well, nothing I can repeat here, but from a male perspective, more than all right :P) The Teen said, “Are you wearing that to dinner? (Thai grill).” Uh, no. Dammit.

30 Responses to To Sheila, With Love

  1. You look smashing in that birthday outfit! Well done, complete with those groovy accessories.

    By the way, are those the shoes you mentioned about possibly re-doing? They look very cool. If the scratch is on the top part, I think it would look good with a dark colored fabric – possibly a subtle print – cut and glued on to that section (between the seams).

  2. You absolutely awesome! Pao actually said it right – smashing! You know what works for ya, girl. No need to make yourself into somebody you're not. I think we both went through the crazy-omg-blogger stage and now scaled back on experimentation to a fusion of old-us and what we learned from experimenting. And that's the way it should be.

    Also hi puppy!

  3. You look awesome, Lynne! What an amazing dress, and thank you so much for you very kind words! Got your email and have sent you my address. πŸ™‚


  4. I love your party dress! You look smashing and ready for dancing. That song certainly brings back memories…! I'm afraid my sparkly juice at Sheila's party had the better of me… I tried, really, I tried, but I blame Miz Bagg for everything.

  5. A lovely dress that fits and suits you beautifully. You look good with a drink in hand too – cheers! The AMP obviously thought you looked pretty hot too, even if the dog was less impressed…
    Be who you are is a good mantra. Can I add to it? Be who you are, but reserve the right to surprise folks (and yourself) now and again! xxxx

  6. This dress fits you like a glove and love the booties too. So yes, you look hot πŸ™‚

    P.S. to answer your question, The lace cardi was bought on super sale at Target about 1-2 years ago – Target made their own version of the one from the Rodarte collection.

  7. I love this dress!! You look fantastic!! I have to say, I feel the same way about blogging and reading other blogs, I've stretched my style much further! I also love that you posed with a wine glass – you are my kind of woman.

    Hi doggie!!

  8. Beautiful! Not only a pretty dress but wonderful tights and shoes to accent it. Perfect for the party.

    And not only do you look good, you show us the natural charm and beauty of your self. Your smile is so attractive. Here, have a drink!

  9. Oh Lynne, it's not sad to have only one or two party dresses, it's the one type of outfit I really struggle with. I don't feel so 'me' in dresses, but recently realised I just needed *different* dresses.

    However, you look smokin' hot in this dress! What a find. And not just for parties (am most definitely agreeing with the AP here on how good you look!). I'm back from the wedding now so will post my party pic smartish! 'd love to be at a IRL party with you, Sheila, Megan Mae & Ally (and all the other great bloggers I am getting to know).

  10. Well well well Lynne. You scored on so many levels here. I think this dress is stunning on you. The color, the pattern and the fit are just perfect! And this is def a multitask dress–so many possibilities! I can't wait to see all of the ways you style it. And your bangles are so cute!

  11. Wow! You DO look hot, Lynne. Super looking, super fitting dress = major score. Love your bling as well! I am a Prince (and wine) fan myself. Hope you enjoyed your partying.

  12. I love this dress on you – the neckline and sleeve details, the print, the seaming and fit – amazing! Great doggie bracelet and partying-down Corgi girl – lookit 'er go – what rhythm! Awesome (and very vivid!) "what I'm like at a party" sketch, too. πŸ™‚ You're the best.

  13. I love your dog bracelet. I have a dog necklace but I haven't worn it. Maybe I'll get wild and do so.

    The dress is perfect on you. It looks like it was made just for you, so perfectly is it tailored to your fab figure. Amazing!

    Love your doggie. I really enjoy seeing other bloggers pets. They are really a part of who we are.

  14. You look just killer, milady! I should wear a party dress to work one of these days, just 'cuz–especially if I look as good as you.

  15. That dress looks wonderful on you! What a great find! I think embracing your style and how you want to dress is what our blogs are all about, right? After looking at pictures of ourselves, over time we get to accept our flaws, what works for us and what we really love about our style. It's a fun learning experience! πŸ™‚

  16. I think you would fit in perfectly at a party at Sheila's! I imagine all these fabulously stylish people milling around with cocktails singing along to Neil Diamond….

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