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Today’s Quote: Fat, Smelly People Park at McDonald’s

Today’s Quote: Fat, Smelly People Park at McDonald’s

Before you become irate because you love McDonald’s, as do I, this quote is from an email sent by a Victorian (as in British Columbia, not the era) law enforcement officer to an innocent paralegal, who was simply minding his own business and is not even the owner of the subject vehicle:

Stop parking at McDonald’s! Your (sic) taking up the parking space of some fat, smelly lower class F wit from Frankston North who needs to survive on 20,000 calories a day to maintain their disability support payments from Centrelink . . . so STOP IT.

The paralegal, Murray Schoorman, is not amused, and the policeman, Sen-Constable Craig Goudy is very, very sorry. The email was intended for his “good mate in prosecutions at Dandenong.”
Moral of this story: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Your work computer isn’t yours. Period.
Source: Herald Sun

One Response to Today’s Quote: Fat, Smelly People Park at McDonald’s

  1. "This email was sent from an informant and intended to be received by a prosecutor
    in my client's matter. I have serious concern about the effect the email may have had
    on the intended recipient, as the content of the email pertaining to mental
    impairment, has the potential of influencing the opinion of the prosecutor which
    may then impact the outcome of my client's matter currently before the court."

    "My client was not privy to the email and I am not offended by the fact that I have
    received the email in error. I am however, very disappointed that there are sworn
    members of the Victorian Police force that have this mentality and share these
    stereo-typical views with their colleagues whilst in the execution of their duties. This,
    I believe is completely opposed to the Victoria Police 'Code of Ethics' and
    'Organisational Values'"

    "When on duty & using police IT infrastructure it is my personal expectation that all
    police officers maintain an impartial and prejudice-free mindset. I believe that most, if
    not all, of right-thinking society would share this expectation."

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