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Today’s Quote: How ’bout that Brazen Personal Phone Use at Work?

Today’s Quote: How ’bout that Brazen Personal Phone Use at Work?

At a law firm I previously worked with, a legal secretary sat outside my office in my direct line of sight from my desk.  She would brazenly type on her personal phone so often in the course of the workday that I nicknamed her “Blackberry girl.” She wasn’t employed there for very long. ~ Excerpt from “Smithson: Making the call on workplace cell phone abuse” (Kelowna Capital News)

This looks good, when you’re using apps for work.

The columnist has a point, i.e. that frequent personal cell phone use at your desk looks bad and is bad, if you are sending personal texts, checking Facebook, and/or online shopping.

Which is why I recently made a point of telling my long-time supervising attorney that when he sees me brazenly typing on my iPhone often during the course of a workday, it’s because I’m using it for work, such as the notes feature when he breezes by my desk casually mentioning to-dos, the Court Days app for quick litigation deadline calculations, the calculator app for short sums that don’t require an Excel spreadsheet, or the Days Between app for settlement figures. 

He can nickname me “iPhone/iPad fangirl” if he wants. I use both all day long for work.

And I paid for both devices and all the legal, business, and productivity apps myself.

Source:  Kelowna Capital News

2 Responses to Today’s Quote: How ’bout that Brazen Personal Phone Use at Work?

  1. We actually have been in a deposition with an attorney that also used her phone for everything. She would use the notes application on her iPhone throughout the deposition. It was a bit distracting and annoying at first, but as a court reporter, I had no choice but to overlook it and do my job. I agree that people texting in the office on the company dime is quite bothersome. It seems that many people had adapted to texting fingers, so perhaps this is a valid excuse. I wonder if any of them could hang with a court reporter. Just kidding of course.

  2. FRL, I would have probably been using my iPad for depo notes, but I do grab my iPhone a lot when it's easy, or I don't have my iPad with me. I've taken notes via iPhone in marketing and team meetings 😮 But I'm old enough to never have imagined such a thing 20 years ago!

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