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Today’s Quote: I Don’t Do Windows…Yet

“One surprise about my new job is: I’m expected to vacuum.” ~ Michigan legal assistant Ivy Jiggens talks about starting over in the legal field and taking a $20,000 a year pay cut, after accepting a buyout from her former newspaper employer.

Jiggens gives insightful answers to Michigan State University visiting journalist Joe Grimm’s career questions, and talks about the reality of starting over in the paralegal field as a second career. She’s working on a second bachelor’s degree in Eastern Michigan University’s ABA-approved paralegal studies program at night, while working full-time as a legal assistant.

Are any of you expected to vacuum – or do windows?

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2 Responses to Today’s Quote: I Don’t Do Windows…Yet

  1. Weird to stumble across myself while reading a blog. Had no idea I was here!

    Other "no one ever told me" duties at work:

    * Taking out the trash.
    * Paying the attorney's personal bills and balancing the attorney's personal checking account.
    * Resolving problems with the attorney's homeowners insurance.
    * Resolving problems with the attorney's retirement investments.
    * Managing payroll taxes for the business.
    * Driving all over tarnation to deliver documents at the last minute.

  2. Hi, Ivy – It's a wonderful surprise to hear from you. Normally, I do try to tell subjects of my posts that I've written about them, but sometimes can't find them on LinkedIn or anywhere else with a reliable email address.

    I love your additional duties – I know there are many, many other legal staffers out there who can relate 🙂

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