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Today’s Quote: I’d Rather Be Eaten by a Dinosaur Than Be a Paralegal

Today’s Quote: I’d Rather Be Eaten by a Dinosaur Than Be a Paralegal

“I hate my job. More specifically, I hate being a 24-year-old paralegal. I took this job almost two years ago as a precursor to law school and a career as a public defender, or at least that lawyer that gets eaten on the toilet in Jurassic Park. “ ~ An excerpt from “Desperate in DC’s” plea for advice from True/Slant’s Ken Layne.

Layne’s advice starts out as kind of a downer for would-be writers. I want to write, too. As a job! Already an insomniac, now I can worry myself awake into the wee hours wondering if I’m a blogging, Panera-eating, sad cliche, or a solitude-wasting Twitterer.


I’m sorry that “Desperate” would rather be eaten by dinos than work in the legal field, but for me, I think I was born to be a paralegal, therefore I am. I write for work, and I write for pleasure, and I write about what I know, even if it’s nothing fancy, just letters, motions and briefs that help injured people get what they need – and practical advice and news for those paralegals who like what they do (most of the time).

Maybe “Desperate” should apply his or her writing skills to an updated resume and cover letter, and see if a more satisfying line of work can be found.

Source: True/Slant

2 Responses to Today’s Quote: I’d Rather Be Eaten by a Dinosaur Than Be a Paralegal

  1. Sound advice, Lynne. Desperate should try a different position, not a different career.

    I love both my careers – paralegal and writer. The two seem to mesh well. People are always asking me when I'm going to give up my job as a paralegal to write full-time. Answer – not any time soon. Why should I, as long as I can do both and enjoy both?

  2. Sue, thanks for stopping by, and congrats on the publication of your next novel, Murder in Vein.

    I agree that paralegal and writer are very compatible careers, and you can find time to do both well. Plus, you sure can't sneeze at those lovely benefits offered with a full-time paralegal job in a reputable firm – like health insurance and paid time off 🙂

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