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Today’s Quote: Most Depressing Legal Lunch

Marie Sanchez, a Fort Lauderdale legal secretary, used to toddle off with co-workers to downtown restaurants for a relaxing repast.

Now it’s salad and a legal file. “I do it every day,” she said. “Because of work, that’s exactly why I stay in.”

– Excerpt from “Lunch at desk can lead to weight gain, digestive woes” (Sun Sentinel)

Salad and a legal file. Yuck.

Wait. Most days my lunch is at my desk, consisting of a sandwich and a legal file. (I had to give up Pop Tarts for health reasons.)

How often do you eat lunch at your desk?

6 Responses to Today’s Quote: Most Depressing Legal Lunch

  1. Boring desk luncher over here. It's depressing so sometimes I mix it up and instead eat a bag of Cheetos in my car with a book, which I always regret. 🙁

    The occasional outing to sushi or Togos with a co-worker can actually be exciting.


  2. Everyday I eat at my desk. Otherwise another attorney like to ambush me and other coworkers if we eat in the lunch room. He always looking for "free" paralegal help with his files.

    However sometimes I sneak out of the building and walk to the park by the office. Then a salad and a legal file doesn't sound so bad.

  3. JJ, that's a first for me, an attorney trolling the lunch room for assistance. Honest, unless there's a genuine emergency, that should be a place and relax and enjoy your food – not to hide from! I'd be surprised if *anyone* used it anymore ;P

  4. Wendy, I completely agree with you. As soon as those Teens can drive themselves where they need to go, I'm changing my schedule to allow time for lunch away from my desk. I really enjoy catching up with co-workers and friends, and I do think that a break from your desk and computer is vital.

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