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Today’s Quote: Your Mama’s a Troll

Today’s Quote: Your Mama’s a Troll

Perfect 10 does not have the employees or attributes of a legitimate business. Today, Perfect 10 is essentially a paralegal service masquerading as a porn company. ~ Excerpt from Rapidshare’s countersuit against Perfect 10 for alleged unfair business practices.

For more entertaining allegations regarding the underside of the online entertainment industry, read the Techdirt post, which also contains the full filing.

Rapidshare also says right in the pleading that “Perfect 10 Is A Copyright Troll that Does Not Operate a Real Business” (in a bold hard-to-miss subheading). This is actually pretty enlightening stuff for a small-town paralegal like me. I thought calling someone a troll implies he is an evil, misshapen and clearly friendless creature who lives under a bridge.

I’ve always been told that name-calling is a no-no in a formal pleading.

I had to look up the definition of a “copyright troll”. If I understand the concept correctly, i.e. buying up copyrights with the intent of profiting from enforcement of rights that otherwise would not be enforced (I know, it’s complicated), then the term is not much more complimentary than being called a garden-variety billy goat-eating troll.

Source: Techdirt

2 Responses to Today’s Quote: Your Mama’s a Troll

  1. I believe the derivation of the word "troll" in this context is not as in "a troll that lives under a bridge" but to fish randomly, as is "we are going trolling for salmon" ("to fish for or in with a moving line, working the line up or down with a rod, as in fishing for pike, or trailing the line behind a slow-moving boat". By which one catches whatever can be caught.

  2. Heck, my dry wit failed me again. I thought I made it pretty clear that I grasped the definition of "troll" in this context, i.e. litigious corporate bad guy fishing for copyrights to cash in on, but really appreciate your clarification.

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