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Tulle & A Big Gulp Coffee Cup

Tulle & A Big Gulp Coffee Cup

What kind of fool wears a ballet skirt to work at the law office?

Uh, my paralegal homies might just want to skip this post and pretend it never happened.

The rest of you keep reading, because it did, and it went down like this.

The Deets: Fashion Princess Fairy Style 5 layers Tulle skirt how cool is that (eBay); Banana Republic cardi (thrifted); Rhinestone pin (family heirloom); Shoes (real old, clearly I need new ones)

I am usually drooling with envy over my way cooler blogger buddies, with their access to stunning vintage clothes in charity shops and car trunks, and oh so cool photo locales, like almost secret gardens and space ships (I made that one up), and I always want to play in their reindeer style blogger games, but often can’t, because let’s face it, I have a desk job and parking lot (giving my neighbors plenty of cause to wonder what the hell is wrong with me, flapping around in my work clothes by myself), and not many opportunities to either stumble upon, afford, or wear a ballet skirt.

Usually, I just share one or two pics, being mindful of y’all’s time but this is just too much fun.

But oh how I wanted a ballerina skirt like those worn by Melanie, Curtise, Desiree, Dylan, Amber, and many other lovely style bloggers for the twee-free tulle and a teacup meme that was going ’round a few months ago, shown here. (Thankfully, Dylan introduced a coffee cup into the mix, because I love tea, but I need my coffee first thing in the a.m. woe be unto you if you stand between me and the Keurig and my Starbuck K-cups, please, gurrrrl).

I’d seen Sal of Already Pretty wearing a tulle skirt (OMGwithpocketspeeps) many times, as well as Alison Gary at Wardrobe Oxygen wearing one TO WORK. When I followed Alison’s link to the eBay site for one similar to hers, and discovered it was $10.64, I said to myself, “Chica, this thang is happening. There will be a ballet skirt worn, bounced around in a parking lot, and swished around the law office all dang day long.”

I know, what an idiot, right? But I think my neighbors actually enjoy this.

The End. If you are still here, I am still gainfully employed. As far as I know.

I’m also twirling around at Patti at Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday, because trust me, folks, it does not get more visible than a middle-aged paralegal wearing a ballet skirt to the office.

P.S. I wore two black slips under this, because my mama raised me right and I wasn’t taking any chances.

47 Responses to Tulle & A Big Gulp Coffee Cup

  1. Yay, Lynne, I am so happy you got to play! I love that skirt, it's a really chic wearable version of all the crazy petticoats on show. But next time, show us without the 2 slips underneath – go on, I dare you! Ok, maybe not to work, but when it's play time, anything goes!
    I adore the colour of that cardigan on you (what are we calling that? Sea foam?) and your brooch and little tapestry bag are beautiful.
    I love this look on you – who doesn't want to dance in the street sometimes?! xxxx

  2. Twirl, sister – this is a fabulous look! The cardi and brooch bring you right into the office, and then you have your secret *ballerina skirt* on. I have a black tulle skirt too and it makes me feel like dancing. Thanks for sharing the joy with Visible Monday.

  3. Ha ha! I loved the whole story!

    I'm oh so jealous because I've had almost the exact same skirt in my shopping cart at Shabby Apple for over a week now and have been drooling over the one at Anthro.

    I was buying the one from Shabby Apple on Black Friday but then they only had an XS and they wanted to charge me $30 for shipping!

    I think it looks lovely on you and I totally want my own. You've really reignited the desire for this ballet dress.

    I wondered if you'd have to wear a slip. What do you think of the quality? Does the skirt itch? How well is it made? Yes…I'm considering going the route you went : ) I want to make sure that it won't be too long, will stay up, and doesn't itch.


    • This skirt comes with a lining – but I just doubled up for the office. One can never be too sure πŸ˜› This skirt is super soft, has a nice wide waistband, and I didn't itch a bit. I was mostly worried about picking it – but for $11 I figured I could just buy another one if I got caught on something – but I was careful about my jewelry. Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen has worn her cream one several times and mentioned she added a petticoat the last time she wore it. I'm not very tall if that helps – it's like a midi skirt on me. It seems to hit Alison at midi length too. I really love this skirt and look forward to re-mixing it for the office and special events.

  4. you are sooo inspiring me
    i love the tulle skirt look, but never knew if i was too old to pull it off
    i love the way you styled it, conservative on the top and loads of fun on the bottom
    now i am gonna have to start searching for a tulle skirt

  5. The tulle skirt looks great, for work or any other activity, as far as I can tell. You look happy and that speaks a thousand words. The tapestry bag and pin add a special touch, along with a whole lot of fun.

  6. I'm totally with you on this one! I have been slowly, but surely, working my personal style into my new life as a law clerk over the course of the past year. By February I will have been there a year. Maybe I'll follow your cue and get a ballet skirt for my anniversary.

  7. Eee! You finally got your tulle skirt. And might I say it looks amazing. Go you for rocking what you want. I think it looks amazing. I could use a huge cup of coffee right now. I made do with some free stuff on campus, it's no starbucks, but it wasn't bad.

  8. I also love the haircolour – I use Feria as well.

    I adore the skirt! It's so fun. I have a couple of tulle skirts, but I wear them as underskirts rather than on their own. I would love a big fat blowsy one.

    I'm sending you a little something soon. πŸ™‚

  9. I think I felt the same when I wore my pleated flowy skirt to the office for the first time… like "am i really doing this?" and "what are my coworkers gonna say?"

    But I think you pulled it off, and you are right, blogging makes you want to wear clothes that are more fun and less practical.

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. And this is how fashion functions as a transformational tool in workplace culture. I know for a fact that performance is in direct correlation to the number of twirls you get in between 9-5. This skirt facilitates that. See?

  11. My dear paralegal soul sister Lynne. I have literally been scouting the internets on lookout for a decently priced tulle skirt for who knows how long. I loooooove yours. This is my favorite look on you ever and I LOVE that you wore it to the office! If I ever find one, I am absolutely going to do the same! Love love love!

  12. LOL – only because you look so fabulous!! Twirl, woman, twirl! Your female neighbours will need squeegies to clean the drool off their windows, wishing they could be out there twirling with you too. What a great way to wear tulle to the office. And I love how you've styled it with the coffee cup and the other perfect things yo have on. I'm so glad you could feel this. Ten bucks? Exponential satisfaction.

  13. You look amazing and quite work appropriate. I love the cardigan you styled it with. I was offered a ballet skirt recently to style and I turned it down, not really knowing what to do with it…You have made me regret that decision. You look fabulous. I love your brooch too!

  14. I'm so happy that you got to flounce around in tulle! That skirt's a beauty and coupled with that lovely aqua cardi looks so girly and pretty, too. x

  15. I'm jealous. Flat out. I've been wanting one, blah, blah, blah. You look gorgeous in yours. And wearing it to work earns you instant karma for everything!!!!!!!!!! I shall have to tulle it out now.

  16. I really love it! I think you pulled it off perfectly for an office! I have worn tulle in the office before too, it baffles a few, but who cares?

  17. Lynne you look fantastic! Truly! I am jealous – I don't think I could pull this off so well! It looks great with the cute little cardigan too! I really like it!

    I feel you, I have a desk job too as you know and I am usually even OVER dressed for my job, but I don't let it stop me!

  18. Flounce on girl!! You are ROCKING the tulle!! I love how you paired it with the aqua cardigan!!
    I am so going to check that ebay site out and see if it comes in chubby sizes!! I NEED one to wear to my stuffy engineering job!!! like a give a rat's rear what the guys think anyway!

  19. You look fabulous in the tulle skirt! It's so office appropriate with the belted cardigan, and romantic with your cute shoes and the lovely bag. The colour on the cardigan is very good on you. Glad to see you join 'the tulle skirt and coffee cup club'!

  20. Lynne, this is SERIOUSLY AWESOME. I adore that it's 100% wearable, and you look totally, absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for the mention too! I've been so wishing to find wearable tulle and jeez … AW DAMMIT. πŸ˜€

  21. Oooh, so pretty. I like how you tied the belt also to add a bit of an edge to the elegance.
    I'm always paranoid when wearing skirts and walk around the house in different lights and by different windows…with my legs spread apart-haha…and ask my husband if he can see through my skirt. He says no. And I keep asking him "Well, what about here? Are you SURE??" lol

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