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Twitterbox Update: Going Back to “Twollege”

Twitterbox Update:  Going Back to “Twollege”

Even though I have a couple of degrees, I am currently pursuing a free “Twollege” education via Twitter, the social networking site where users are limited to 140-character status updates to “tweet” what they are doing. But I think it is more accurate to say that savvy Twitterers “tweet” what they are sharing, which, at minimum, is often the information we need to keep up with today’s Internet interactive social media opportunities.

Much like a real college, your educational opportunities are going to depend on the professors you choose, or in the case of Twollege, the Twitterers you follow. Unlike college professors, Twitterers can’t deliver a dry, rambling, incomprehensible monologue which causes students to fall asleep and drool on their desks. A top-notch Twollege professor only has 140 characters to deliver a short, strong and hopefully interesting or helpful message.

The most challenging aspect of a Twollege education is that the information comes at you fast and furiously. You’ll quickly figure out who your top Twollege professors are, the ones who consistently deliver “Good Tweet”. Twitter has a nice feature which allows you to mark favorite Tweets, which I often do so that I can go back and review the information later.

But Twollege is not only a social media crash course, it’s a place where you can meet other students with similar passions. In my case, it’s social media, paralegal and law news, practice tips, good writing, best blogs and yes, dry wit delivered with a short, brief punch, or as my 12-year old likes to call it, “BAM”! If you’re not currently going to Twollege, what’s stopping you? It’s free, it’s easy, and it’s a darn good value for the money and the time invested.

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