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Twitterbox Update: Why I Won’t Follow You Back on Twitter

Twitterbox Update:  Why I Won’t Follow You Back on Twitter

I’m not a Twitter elitist (“Twelitist”?), and I have a weakness for people whose tweets make me laugh, or who frequently tweet Twitpics of their dogs or their dinner (the human dinner, not the canine).

But I’ve got my standards for not following Twitterers, and here they are in no particular order:

  • Your profile picture is the ubiquitous Twitter default “owl”, the Twitter equivalent of wearing a paper bag over your head.
  • You have no user bio (leaving me to wonder why you chose a means of communication that requires writing).
  • Your user bio is a catchy but unintelligible jingle that makes me wonder if your sole source of nutrition is children’s breakfast cereal.
  • All of your tweets are less than 10 characters and have to do with bodily functions, weed or your boo. You do know that all of your tweets are public, right?
  • Since Craigslist downsized you from “erotic” services to the much tamer “adult” services category, you’ve decided that sending the occasional tweet with the word “paralegal” or “legal assistant” in it is a clever new way to increase your “adult” services business. I didn’t get off the turnip truck yesterday, and I know that real legal assistants don’t usually wear sequined bustiers in their public profile pics.
  • It’s clear that you’ve been sending the same four automated tweets every six hours for a year. You do know that all of your tweets are public, right?

I hope my Tweeps don’t think I’m a Twitter snob…

8 Responses to Twitterbox Update: Why I Won’t Follow You Back on Twitter

  1. Another great post Lynne! We share the same standards. If someone has interesting tweets and I think they may have some good tips for me they will probably be followed back.


  2. Ha! I totally agree. I do not feel bad about not following people back if their profiles are "sketchy." Also, if they have no tweets/profile/photo, what would be the point in following that person? In the past, I have chosen to not follow some people, but then later they'll @amylibrarian me, with an intersting comment. I check my @amylibrarian "replies," and then I usually follow those people back after they have completed their profile, etc.

  3. Darin and Amy — Thanks for the comments. It was a fun post, and something that I needed to get off my chest — in more than 140 characters! 🙂 Of course, I do occasionally cut a newbie some slack for the "Twitter owl", and I have eventually followed Tweeps who figured out that no bio was inadvertently stereotyping them as a bot – or a stalker. 🙂

  4. Yes, Lynn. . . I agree. Some of the paralegal tweets are really great . . . other people on my follow list bore me to death. . . .I've stopped following everyone who follows me . . . and have to remind myself sometimes that whatever is posted can be copied and thrown back at me later . . .

  5. Christi, thanks for your comment. Most Twitter experts recommend NOT following back everyone that follows you. It makes your Twitter feed fairly unmanageable. Follow Tweeps whose tweets you find useful, informative or just plain funny.

    Also, you raised a good point, unless your Twitter profile is locked (which kind of defeats the social media benefits of Twitter), your tweets are PUBLIC and can be viewed any time by anybody. So Tweet with the same moderation and professionalism that you would use in person.

  6. Great post! I, too, have stopped automatically following people back who are following me. I check their profiles and feeds first, and then I decide if it's someone whose tweets are of interest to me. As a matter of fact, I need to do some weeding in the next few days.

  7. Ana – Thanks for the positive feedback. I've been trying to do some weeding myself, and some of the, er, "adult" services providers have tweets that make my hair curl. Then I have to stop fo a bit!

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