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Or, A Recipe for Getting Dressed for Work under $15


This post is going to be light on content and heavy on captions.

The Recipe
Lands End dress ~ $8.99 (Goodwill Manhattan)
Aerosole pumps ~ $5.90 (thrifted locally)
Obi Belt ~ gift from Megan Mae!
Jade brooch ~ family heirloom
I promise a better close up of the brooch the next time I wear it.

Puppy thought bubble: “My tummy rub is more 
important than your amateur photo shoot,” or
“You are wearing my hair, don’t forget to tell them that.”
Big shit-eating grin. Phoebe’s I mean. Um, yeah.
Damn. Someone way better lookin’ than me is hoggin’ this pic.
No, guys, look at MY outfit, not at the adorable fluffy Corginator!
Okay, I have to admit. Fave pic.
Thanks for sharing the frame, my little “LoafaBread” baby!
I’d love to do a post featuring pictures of you guys’ fave piece of unique thrifted, gifted, or heirloom jewelry. Close-up, please. Email pic plus a sentence or two about the piece’s provenance and why you love it so much to lynne dot devenny at gmail dot com, and as soon as I get a half dozen or so, I’ll post them! If I have enough, I’ll do two posts.

P.S. I’ll be joining the fabulous, fierce, and original fashionistas at Not Dead Yet Style’s wonderful weekly feature, Visible Monday, ’cause my dog is FIERCE!

28 Responses to Upstaged…Again

  1. Two beauties, you are. Love the shit-eating grin on the Corg. And your dress, belt and brooch are fab, naturally. I have a pic to send you, I think! xoxoxo

  2. Eee! How how awesome. The obi looks great on you, and Miss Phoebe is such a ham <3

    Between her and Spike, we might have a duo that could take over the internet world of cuteness.

    PS all your shoes, I need them. ;P

  3. You know what they say – never work with children or animals, they'll upstage you.

    Lovely outfit! I love that obi – the fabric is so fun, and great color combinations with the blue dress.

  4. Ha ha…your dog is hilarious. What a ham!

    I love the belt and brooch. Really add something to the dress.

    I have a gorgeous bracelet that was my Grandmother's. I need to get a photo for you.


  5. And that's how it's done, Lynne – a beautiful, stylish outfit, costing very little money, ethically shopped, personal, with friendship and family history built in. And a Corgi is always a brilliant accessory!
    Gorgeous brooch, love the shoes, adore the expressive face, pretty much adore you too! xxxxx

  6. Ha ha, the Corginator wants to be a blogger too! Don't tell he/she, but I prefer your dress….

    P.s I have something, will take a pic and send it after my trip xxx

  7. You look gorgeous as always – what a beautiful new belt from Megan! I love the idea of a gifted/thrifted jewelry post, I'll see what I can scrounge up! And I love the Corginator. Give her a pat for me!

  8. Ah, a girl and her dog … and you are pretty and look way young and fresh in your dress. Love the shape, and the blue is so good with your hair and skin.
    Hope all is going just the way you want it to!

  9. You have great dresses and style them so well. This color looks fab on you. Your dog looks like a charming buddy!

    blue hue wonderland

  10. Megan Mae's obi belt is a stunner, and so are you! And Phoebe of course.

    I have a few pieces of heirloom jewelry and love wearing it. Will try to get a photo to you!

  11. Such a pretty combination of colours and shapes, from neckline, brooch, obi belt, deep blue and greens, flared hem and ankle-strapped d'Orsay shoes to ombre roly-poly puppy!

    Glad it seems I'm not too late to send you a pic as well!

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