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Vanity Fair Re-Writes Erin Brockovich with Universal Health Care

Vanity Fair Re-Writes Erin Brockovich with Universal Health Care

Vanity Fair wryly poses the theory that universal health care would have ruined the plot lines of several well-loved movies, including Erin Brockovich, in “Why Health Care Reform is Bad for Movies.”

And what about Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed Erin Brockovich, which gave Julia Roberts her long-coveted Oscar? Sure, Roberts’s plucky paralegal could still have discovered the massive industrial cover-up of a poisoned water supply. But universal health care would have quickly and efficiently treated the community’s afflicted inhabitants, after which point they would gently scold the captains of industry not to do that again over hugs and cupcakes. Then, three leaky nuclear reactors would’ve been built 50 feet from a kindergarten—but who cares! Chemo’s free, kids!

I think we’re still a long way from free chemo.

Source: Vanity Fair

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