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Vintage Dress

Vintage Dress

Inspired by Gracey at Fashion for Giants

Gracey doesn’t know it, but I have been trying on every vintage dress with a pleated skirt I lay eyes on, often with hilarious results. Why? Pretty much trying to be a Gracey copy cat (much less serious than being a serial killer copycat).  I love the cool prints and swingy pleated skirts on Gracey’s dresses, plus all the re-mixing options these dresses seem to have. Plus, they are super-soft, soooooo twirly, and usually machine washable.

The Deets:  Ina Carol dress, made in the USA (GoodWill); Dress has a matching belt but also ala Gracey, I switched it up with a bright coral skinny belt (Target last year); NaturalSoul by Naturalizer boots (Marshalls last year)
Total outfit cost (minus boots): $17 (Dress $5)

Even better for me, this dress is a “secretary” dress with a pussy bow. Pussy bows are my weakness.

Does this print remind anyone of the 4th of July?
Ina Carol is a label that appears to have been popular in the 50s and 60s. I like the idea of wearing a 50+ year old dress. It’s seen a bit of life, like me.

P.S. Apparently some readers have found this blog with the search words “uncontrolled dress”. Wait’ll they see THIS ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

29 Responses to Vintage Dress

  1. The search words just made me laugh!! I love the print of this dress…it would be fun to rip it up and restyle it!! Wish I had listened to my mom and learned to sew! This color is great for you…have a wonderful day and keep that smile going!

  2. At least it's not "uncontrolled undress", Lynne!

    It's a great dress, a fabulous print, and you always look amazing in blue. I love the thought of the previous life my vintage clothes have had too, they have been around the block, and I like that!
    You do have the gorgeous Gracey look but you've made it your own (if that doesn't sound too horribly TV singing competition judge-esque. I have NO wish to come over all Simon Cowell!)

    And just look at how pretty your hair is too! xxxx

  3. Ha! Well I love it on you. Perfect color, shape and swing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Is that corgi going to be in every picture now? I could get famous!
    Seriously though, you look adorable in the dress. I wish I could find a vintage dress that flatters my shape. I keep looking too!

  4. Ooh this is a fun dress!! It looks great on you – it does have a 60's vibe but in the best way possible! I'll agree it sort of looks like fireworks or something in the print!

    Laughing so hard at the "uncontrolled dress" search. I do get a kick out of checking out my blog's popular search words too!

  5. Ha! You look lovely in this dress Lynne. I love the bow as well. You should see some of the things people have found my blog by searching (boy in white sundress rings a bell . . .).

  6. Totally and utterly gorgeous and you look you're loving wearing it, too.
    Good to see Joni's corgi again!
    Uncontrolled dress? I like it. I had "Hot Grandmother in bikini" this week, can't imagine why! x

  7. Yea, I really like the print, sort of swirly feathery. And the color looks great on you. So what does the secretary say about it?

  8. Gracey really is inspiring. She has the best dresses, and she's so good with colours.

    What a beautiful dress! It's so perfect on you, colour, shape, print! I'd say it's been worth all the hunting.

  9. Wow! Awesome dress. Try try (it on) again! It's the rule of thrifting. This is an awesome way of synthesizing inspiration into your own wardrobe.

    I am loving how fabulous your hair has been looking.

    I was going to echo Amber and say it reminded me of feathers, then I kept looking and now see fireworks!

  10. Mannn!! I LOVE seeing what people search for to find my blog.

    I love both yours and Gracy's style, so this is a great mash-up of both! I always thought of myself of more of a 60's girl, but I adore shirt dresses & full skirts like this one!

  11. I find you uncontrollably stylish- love that color blue on you- and yeah, that style of dress is surprisingly chic and versatile.

    PS: you had me at pussy bow- mEEow!

  12. Oh Lynne! I love that! That looks gorgeous on you. Love the color and the "feel" of that! I just love a vintage touch to things!!!

    And guess what!! I received the SWEETEST little charm in the mail night before last. Got on line last night, intending to say THANK YOU, but with a baby in the house these days, my oh my, I feel like I am behind in everything!!! Thank you so much!! I want to add it to a brooch!


  13. I too love the gorgeous colors and pattern of this dress, Lynne.
    How do you even find out such a thing as search words being used to find your blog??? I'm so clueless. I guess I'd better Google. How on earth did we ever even live without Google?

  14. What a fun dress! It is such a beautiful color. I always wonder about the history and story behind vintage clothes. It's fun to imagine it's journey before you owned it.

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