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Visible Monday and The Blind Boys of Alabama

Visible Monday and The Blind Boys of Alabama

So many of you have told me that GoodWill (GW Boutique), Salvation Armani (Army), thrift, and consignment stores haven’t yielded satisfactory results for you. I dunno, but GW Boutique and Salvation Armani have been especially good to me lately.

The Deets: H&M fully lined purple corduroy skirt (GoodWill); Lizsport sweater (GoodWill); Born mary janes (Amazon); lia sophia convertible pendant; MUSTARD TIGHTS!!!

So much so that you’re likely to see 90% of my clothes in future posts are from GoodWill and Salvation Armani. Man, you know if we had one of those Value Villages some of you guys talk about, I’d be all over that like white on rice.

People ask me all the time, “How do you find anything in your size?” That’s one of the reasons I’ve been such a frequent secondhand customer lately, to find clothes that actually fit my smaller figure. I’m deadly patient, and will look through all the sizes, because so many clothes are hung in the wrong sizes, sizing varies greatly by manufacturer, and vintage clothing tends to run small. I’m also always on the lookout for clothes or accessories I think my blogger buddies (at least the ones whose sizes and addresses I know) might like. I also enjoy looking at interesting clothing and imagining the previous wearers.

Gave the sweater a little color boost for funsies.

I’ma give ya the heads up on a couple of changes you’ll see on the blog. I’m working on my indoor photography, because the winter light is so short, we have a lot of rain, and it is so cold outside. I’m the first to admit I’m mostly like a lizard who can’t tolerate cold temps for more than about 30 seconds before I start shivering and whining. Nice, I know.

Also, I thought for my 50th birthday which is soon-ish I’d get a professional but honest head shot, no re-touching of wrinkles or jowls or that weird turkey neck. You may think I don’t notice that my face is sometimes a little unfocused in pics, and yeah, lots of peeps my age don’t want their close-up, but I do notice  that. I just don’t fix it. But I have a pretty good camera, and I’m going to include more close-ups in future posts to: 1) prove I do not have Photo-Shop; and 2) learn to embrace my face of five decades.

I’d like to say a haircut is in my near future, but trying to grow it out, so it’s back-burnered right now.

We had an incredible Sunday afternoon seeing The Blind Boys of Alabama live in concert. They’ve done several collaborations with Ben Harper, and even though Ben wasn’t there today, they still killed it on “There Will Be A Light.”

P.S. If I’m not the most visible at Patti’s weekly feature of “Visible Monday” at Not Dead Yet Style, I’ma be real disappointed. I mean, look at this sweater. P.S. I did not see Patti’s post until after I’d finished this one.

26 Responses to Visible Monday and The Blind Boys of Alabama

  1. Oh good lord, Lynne! You do not have turkey neck, jowls, or wrinkles! You're gorgeous darling, and do not look anywhere near those 50 years! I really do hope I look as good as you when I'm older.

    I've seen you in person, so I know your camera ain't lying. 😉 Though, I think getting headshots done sounds like a ton of fun.

    You're also a marvelous thrifter, I saw that dress you got for Robin. A-freaking-mazing.

    I love your brightly printed sweater and omg those shoes – watch your closet, I may be stealing them. Purple shoes for lief!

  2. I'm always lucky at the GW Boutique, lol. In Cali though, it's the pricier of thrift stores. Here, my local one has not so much great deals but GREAT VALUE- a great coat- $25 bucks which is a lot for a thrift store but it was perfect condition vintage faux fur- worth the moneys compared to the not as well made or unique options at the mall. Sal's is a stand by but man I wish you could check out the Value Village- my first foray is here in Seattle and they are amazing!

    Do you have a Thrift Town near you? In Sacramento they were my all time fave! great deals, clean and sorted garments AND always a clean bathroom. Loved that!

    I for one, among many, look forward in seeing you build a grand paralegal wardrobe via Sal Armani and the G-Dub!

  3. Hello, you Beauty! Sorry to have been away. Lovely to see you again looking so hot in that fabulous toasty sweater and those mustard tights. Love it! I was scrolling through your past posts. Your indoor shots are awesome, so tough to do. And I cheer for no photoshopping – you are gorgeous untouched. I'm a lizard-girl too and you're apt to find me wrapped around a mug of coffee when I scuttle indoors.

  4. Our Value Village is actually pretty expensive. I rarely go to the Salvation Army as it's not very nice (it has that icky smell). I much prefer my little St. Vincent de Paul and the Hospice Store for cheap fixes, and Women In Need (WIN and the WIN Boutique) are awesome.

    And I'll echoe what Megan Mae said: you do not even look close to 50 and I'll guarantee no one sees your fce like you do – you're gorgeous!

  5. Oh, I am loving all these pieces, and esp the mustard tights. And have I told you your hair is totally gorgeous and I will try to grab it from you if we ever meet? : >

    I love the no photo-shop decision – I don't do it either except to adjust brightness. Then again, my camera's not *too* crisp : > You are a gorgeous woman, celebrate!

  6. Well said Lynne. I have thrifted clothes in every size from 0 to 16. You just gotta be patient! I am super stoked to wear all the goodies that you sent. I know you have been scoring on that front! Good for you. I love the pretty sweater today Lynne!

  7. I am so aware of my turkey neck now that I have to take indoor photos. I think that indoor photos are like putting a big magnifying glass and spotlight on any wrinkles, sagging or bagging anywhere. I see things inside that I've never seen before…like what?? where did that come from?? It's a wake up call alright and I'm still trying to pull the covers up over my head. I'm basically holding my breath until it's warm enough for me to get back outside to take photos.

    On the bright side I never would have guessed your age : )


  8. The goodies sort of go feast or famine in the 15 thrifts nearby me (really–I'm blessed, even tho I live in the boonies-to live within 20 miles of 15 thrift stores) It's all in the regularly stopping by to catch them!!
    LOVE your outfit!! The sweater is amazing–and not too bright at all!!

  9. Loving that bright jumper and mustard tights, you look utterly gorgeous! Don't stand still for too long, a teenage hipster would soon mug you for that knitwear!
    I take no notice of labels either, I've got everything from Age 11 to XL in my wardrobe, it's what it's like on that matters. xxx

  10. Good for you! Fifty is the sart of the good life!
    I never been happier i tell you since i'm 50,
    But will see now if 50 will an obstacle to find work!
    You look great, nice colors!

    Ariane xxxx

  11. Love those mustard tights and the bright sweater.
    You know I think you look way younger than your years, but really, even if you didn't, would it matter? I don't think it's possible to approach 50 without having some evidence of those years on your face or body. I should know! Most of us have a few wrinkles, because we've done crazy stuff like moving our faces. You know – laughing and smiling and pulling silly faces and stuff. Better to have smiled than be an over-botoxed alien, I think! You are beautiful, Lynne, stylish and funny and fabulous. Don't go changing! xxxx

  12. Turkey neck??? Fifty? Who is turning fifty?

    I have a similar sweater so you know what I am going to say….LOVE!!! Also I braved the cold to take my photos last weekend…. My guys better start walking with their flash because I am not trying to stand outside without a coat again.

  13. Hi Lynne,

    Your comment on my blog inspired me to send you some inspiration (and the prices are pretty inspiring too) and help with caving and getting a peplum top, or two:|464502]&noOfRefinements=1|464502]&noOfRefinements=1|464502]&noOfRefinements=1|464502]&noOfRefinements=1

    and heres a link to Lyddie wearing a Dorothy Perkins peplum

    You certainly don't look near 50! You look stunning … but then, being happy and chique and as cute as you are, you'll never look your age.

    Hope your week is fabulous … huggles

  14. P.S. Forgot to mention I too take an extremely minimalist approach to photo-editing – limited to the odd crop, straighten, brighten/sharpen. I have no time to learn all that other stuff, which gives me the creeps and feels co-opted by cultural pressures toward homogeneity and youth fetishization. Scarcity of natural light though, urgh!

  15. I love the colors and your close up. Fifty is a great place to be in life and you are greeting the era with radiance. I don't photo shop either and wouldn't have a clue how to do it.

    Nelson and I saw The Blind Boys of Alabama years ago and it was one of my favorite concerts ever. We were all dancing and celebrating the gigantic talent that we had the privilege of experiencing. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. It's five years down the line for me, but I only *hope* I look so radiant on the cusp of 50.

    I have so much YAY! for thrifting. I swear all my most cherished clothes came straight from the charity shop. Also, I think I had that exact sweater many moons ago. It looks fantastic on you; such great colours in this whole outfit!

  17. I love yellow with purple. Your photos look great. I only have one spot to take mine and many times they don't look very clear, but I only have a little digital camera with 10 sec timer sitting on top of a dresser…so I do the best I can.
    I shop Goodwill and Value Village, but our Value Village seems to have jacked the prices up a bit lately so I seem to prefer GW more these days.

  18. You definitely do not look your age, what wrinkles?
    and i think that is great you've got such great thrift resources. most of the places near me are small, and the consignment shops can be pricey, but the same method is always, always true when thrifting: if you put in the time, you reap the rewards.

    Chic on the Cheap

  19. Hi Lynne,

    I've been lurking along and following your blog for a bit now. I love the outfits you put together! You have inspired me to become a thrifter as well! I'm lucky enough to have recently moved to the Olympia, Washington metro area, we have FANTASTIC thrift stores and consignment shops! I've found bunches of things at the GoodWill here. I haven't even tried the Value Villages yet! I found heavenly consignment shops – one a local place called Worldly Girl, where I could spend an entire day browsing, and the other a place called Clothes Mentor, which only accepts recent-ish fashions in excellent condition for women ONLY, no "junior" fashions allowed. I've now rebuilt my entire work wardrobe from scratch exclusively through thrift/consignment shops! I'll save retail for very specific things I need, but honestly, I like the second-hand goodies I find so much better! Not only that, but I like the whole "karmic" idea of it!

    Anyway, thanks again from a fellow paralegal for your inspirational blog!


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