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Visible Monday & A Day to Remember

Visible Monday & A Day to Remember

Why isn’t this post entitled “Paralegal Career Dressing”? Well, the pictures are from last Friday, when the office closed at noon. My outfit might be a little too casual for most conservative offices even on a Blue Jeans Friday, but I want to share the last refashion of  a very bleh blouse, using Megan’s beautiful button flowers. Also, Patti at Not Yet Dead Style, here’s my visible outfit more for play than work!

Gap clearance purchase mistake last year. Those pleats do not drape well.
OMG! Look what those magic button flowers did for this blouse! Saks Fifth Avenue flats (on sale at Saks Outlet); Nine West American Vintage jeans (Steinmart last year); Silver skinny belt (Ross, I think)

Even though our office was closed today, I did go in to get ready for a Social Security hearing later this week, working mostly on the one-page hearing summary to submit to the Administrative Law Judge. (Which one? Dunno. SSA doesn’t disclose the identity of the judge in advance of the hearing anymore.) While I do feel that many of you are my virtual besties, I’m not ready to share photos of me wearing no make-up and flip-flops (the attorney who hates jeans in the office the most was the only other person there, and he had on shorts!)

But the most important aspect of this day is not whether we got the day off and a long weekend. It’s to remember those that have died serving our country. PBS is honoring the fallen by providing a Virtual Wall of Remembrance at Audience members can submit a remembrance, eulogy, prayer, or poem during the “National Memorial Day Concert.”

I got so many compliments on the flowers, and one person asked for Megan’s blog site!

 How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

12 Responses to Visible Monday & A Day to Remember

  1. Oh, I love the bouquet of Megan's button flowers and they do indeed make that mistaken top something special. I hope that the rest of your day goes well.

  2. Omgomgomg, lovelovelove. Your hair is amazing curled up, and the buttonflowers work so perfectly to amp up the basic blouse. This is really what I had in mind when I first made them.

    I spent my weekend doing very little. Working on cat behavior, making possible plans but little else. I should be doing more but I flat out needed a break.

  3. Love the flowers — they dress up the blouse so nicely.

    I spent the day writing letters to friends (on paper). It's something I really enjoy doing.

  4. Wow, like WendyB said, your blouse has new life – and you look fantastic! Love the wavy hair too — come over to the wavy side, my friend : > Thanks for linking up.

  5. @Terri ~ The irony is that after wearing this blouse, it did not the dryer. I usually line dry tees, but this one was almost the same color as [boring] underwear 🙁

    @Megan ~ I'll be using your button flowers to ramp up a lot of basics!

    @Robin ~ It was actually easier to work in the peace & quiet!

    @WendyB ~ See above response to Terri. I won't miss the blouse's odd gray pink color.

    @Ally ~ A REAL letter writer! I remember when we had to do that – prior to the advent of email. I was a real letter writer .

    @Melanie ~ All credit goes to Megan Mae. I just throw her button flowers up in the air and pin them where they land 🙂

    @Clara ~ Thanks!

    @Patti ~ My hair is on the fence, neither curly nor straight. I think it's picked the frizzy side for sure…

    @Style Agent 909 ~ Thank you so much for the Blogger Appreciation Award – and stopping by here. All of you are such an inspiration to me!

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