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Visible Monday: I Did This to My Hair on Purpose

Visible Monday: I Did This to My Hair on Purpose

Actually, I didn’t. Everyone has been looking at me all day like they feel sorry for me and my Ronald McDonald hair. They don’t know I am completely delighted, gleeful, and I want it to stay this color forever.

Thank you Loreal Paris Feria Power Reds ~ Ruby Rush
I would be lying if I said I expected my hair to be this red. A loyal Feria user for many years, I knew the drill: mix three liquids together, wait, wash until water runs clear, and then use the best conditioner on the planet.
The Deets: London Times dress (Amazon w/ gift card); 
Nine West pumps (Ross a couple of years ago); Hue nude fishnet tights; 
Loft necklace (final clearance sale last year); Vintage silver hinged bangle (eBay last year)
I did what I always do, look for the reddest Feria that I can get away with at the law office. Sure it said “Power Reds, High Intensity Shimmering Colour, Colour Booster Technology”, but I haven’t read the box in ages (if ever), and they always add random stuff to make you want to buy it even more, even tho’ I mostly wonder if I’ll look like the model on the box.

However, there is now a tiny fourth bottle (like a nuclear explosion of red Koolaid) that seriously contains Power Red. I should have been alerted by the fact that shampoo was included with instructions to use it twice before the conditioner. Uhm-huh, whatever. Lancelot AMP (he’s asked that I refer to him by that name in all future posts) was serving dinner in 35 minutes, and I was in a bit of a rush. You know, a vacuum cat hair, clean kitty box, dye hair Power Red before dinner kind o’ deal.
Heh. There was a tiny hole in the gloves, and I think my left index finger is bright red for life. Do not drop the contents of that tiny power serum on anything. Shampoo twice, and the water will still run as red as if multiple peeps were massacred in your shower.
This is my real dopey self. Glamour is not my thing. 
Talking too much and reading forensic criminal novels (Victorian and current) are my things.
Some peeps probably think crying ensued at some point right after my hair dried. Nope. I am thrilled. The only better color would be deep, rich purple like Katy Perry does sometimes. I am hooked on Feria’s Power Reds. If they make a Power Purple, I’m their gurl 😛
No, this is not a paid endorsement for anything. Do you think I’d admit what a dimwit I am for advertising purposes?
P.S. Not Dead Yet Style’s Visible Monday is rockin’ some amazing style by many gorgeous peeps – please go check them all out!
Photo Credit: Lancelot The Absent-Minded Professor (also known as hubby, hubster, hubs, etc.)

33 Responses to Visible Monday: I Did This to My Hair on Purpose

  1. Oh yeah, be proud – this is one powerfully fabulous red. You look so fantastic, Lynne. I love the description of hair coloring. Omg, that is my life story. Thanks for sharing with VisMonday. Xoxoxo

  2. Ha! I have used the lighter red version of the Power Reds by Feria (also a devoted user) and it DID turn my hair Ronald McDonald red! It was a wee bit too bright even for me, so now (well, before I was blonde) I use the brightest regular red.

    I LOVE your hair like this, Lynne, and am delighted that you love it too! You look gorgeous, hon.

  3. I love it! And I love that hair length on you too.

    That dress is Oh Em Gee incredible on you. The fit, the ruching, the print! Glad to see I'm not the only one rocking the warmer weather.

  4. Go girl! That is the EXACT shade of red I usually use when I do it myself. I LOVE when it is that red for a while and it's funny that you mention the law office thing. When I dye my hair, my entire office can't say anything to me for two weeks except: "whoa . . . red." LOL You look great Lynne!

  5. It's a gorgeous color, towards the burgundy side, which is so lush and rich! Not at all like that cheap McDonald clown.

    Love the dress, too – so pretty with that hair!

  6. I think you are glamorous, by the way! And from redhead to redhead, this color looks great on you! It enhances the colors in the London Times dress and makes me think that spring is on its way.

  7. Lynne – You are beautiful in every way. I always smile when I read your posts, right after I think how gorgeous you are. And NOT Ronnie McD at all. Thanks for giving me a chuckle at the end of a mighty long day.

  8. At first look, I didn't think your hair was THAT much brighter than before, but I checked back on your last post, and you're right, it definitely is! And I LOVE it, you were born to be this firey gorgeous powerful colour!
    Beautiful dress too. Dopey? Nah, disagree. Beautiful. And I see we like the same reading material… xxxx

  9. You are too cute Lynne! Loved this post – you had me giggling. I love the dress. I saw a similar style in a stores window yesterday and think I would like another wrap dress and this dress is inspiring me.

  10. I just love the red! Until someone actually asks you if your head is on fire you aren't too red in my books.

    Also that dress looks great on you. It looks like it was meant for your hair colour.

    Suzanne : )

  11. Love it! It's fierce without crossing the line into unnatural. Which makes you a woman warrior. Which mirrors your outside with your inside. You're powerful and strong and ought to look that way. Yay!

  12. When I used to dye my hair red I always used the Feria reds too – they were the best and seemed to last the longest! I think your hair looks fantastic! And I love your dress – beautiful!

  13. I adore your hair color and would go there myself except I hear how hard it is to maintain that color
    Hope you keep yours for a good long while

  14. It s a beautiful colour. And doesn't look like a mistake, it looks intentional and fierce and rawr!! I have big red-hair envy for you and Megan Mae – I used to dye it a lot. And what a dress.It fits you so well. Rawr, again!

    Can I join your gang, please? (small voice..) x

  15. It's stunning. If you're going to have red hair it should be the brightest red known to man, no half measures. Fabulous fitting frock, too! x

  16. I have the softest spot for gingers- bottle or otherwise. I LOOOVE your hair. Like you, I'm a big fan of Feria. Now you make me want to dye my finger and hair do too.

  17. Oh, yes … perfect. As one bottle red to another, you have it down. It doesn't need to look like it came with birth, and it isn't so outrageous that you can't wear it to work. And you happen to look beautiful. It will change the way you wear your clothes! Like this bee-you-tee-ful dress!
    Hope you are all well and thriving!

  18. Okay, so like everyone else has said, it's fabulous!! You're hot!!! It amps up the stunning dress and the whole look, like crazy. I had to laugh at your description of the tasks during that half hour, too.

    Sorry I haven't been by recently! I've been thinking of you and yours a great deal though. Love you!!

  19. Once upon a time, I used to have my hair dyed with this Redken shade known as "Rocket Red." It was about the colour you've got, and it was FABULOUS. It looks spectacular on you, and I'm glad you're happy with it! (I loved mine, but the upkeep was too much for me, and I reverted to my natural colour about a decade ago.)

  20. It looks great on you! I think that rich red totally work on you. My shower always looks like a murder occurred after I dye my hair LOL!

  21. Gorgeous! I've been very similar shades of burgundy infused auburn/red over the years and positively love it as well (and found, interestingly, that my husband did, too). You look sensational, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

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