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Visible Monday & A Long Holiday Weekend

Visible Monday & A Long Holiday Weekend

My lovely mother treated me to a long holiday weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. We ate, took an amazing carriage tour with a comedian/historian for a guide, ate some more, saw many sights we wouldn’t have otherwise seen if we hadn’t gotten lost on a hidden gardens tour, ate some more, visited an amazing historical home with a flying staircase, and then ate some more.

They do have culinary tours of Charleston, but I’m pretty sure I’d explode if I took one.

The compact packing turned out great. I had enough clothes to change for dinner after walking all day, used my scarves daily, but had more accessories than I needed. Wait. A girl can never have too many accessories.

Did I mention my super Artist Series Sak came with a long strap that converts it to a messenger bag? It was an awesome camera bag and carry-all during the trip .

So no work today and no career dressing, but a few outfit pictures from the trip and Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday, including some not my own πŸ™‚

Off we go, in comfy old jeggings for a long car ride, and an arrival at a cold, windy city. Very thankful I threw the raincoat and wellies into the back seat at the last minute.
In the large Easter weekend crowds on Saturday, my mom kept saying how glad she was I wore these bright jeans.
Still can’t lose me.
Can’t afford to do anything but window shop in Charleston. Me and mom in the window reflection.
Yep, I was that tourist with the camera, although the Japanese group in the seat behind us gave me a run for my money.
Absolute fave pic from the carriage – even the cute pup has an Easter hat!
Lost on the hidden gardens tour, but still smiling and finding flowers in hidden places.
Ready for a windy Easter Sunday – brunch included a mimosa!

Fueled by a mimosa, I sneak up on a gorgeous Easter hat.

And we ate some more.
And ogled things in boutiques that cost more than I make in a month.
The scarf required an extra knot not to blow away. Cuffed my jeans when it got hot.

What did you do on the Easter weekend? I hope it was something that made you smile.

10 Responses to Visible Monday & A Long Holiday Weekend

  1. My Easter was far more sedate than yours. You saw some lovey things in the windows and that lady with the hoop…did she make the dog jump through it?

  2. @Terri ~ I was lucky to get that pic at all, because the carriage was moving at a brisk pace. I didn't get to see any tricks πŸ™

    @Pam ~ Thanks! I really love colored jeans, too.

    @Megan Mae ~ It worked out really well, and I was happy that everything mixed and matched. It was a much needed change of pace.

  3. I'm totally stealing that double-knotted long scarf look. That's the second photo of yours I pinned today. I'm really feeling like a Practical Paralegalism fangirl πŸ™‚

  4. @Kim ~ I loved that soft yellow dress. It made me want to get out my sewing machine and make one for myself.

    @Patti ~ I think colored denim is for all ages and body types, such a great way to add color to casual outfits (and sneak to work πŸ™‚

    @Frannie ~ It was a blast to get away for a bit, and I love wearing those jeans.

    @WendyB ~ I'm embarrassed to say how dog pics I took. I'm as interested in people and four-leggeds as I am the local sights. But it was the Easter hats that really had my head spinning.

    @Louise ~ *I* stole the knotted scarf trick from a super chic lady I saw in Starbucks, so feel free to knot-nap! Thank you for pinning me on Pinterest. It makes me feel cool πŸ™‚

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