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Visible Monday: Vintage Leather Skirt via GW Boutique

Visible Monday: Vintage Leather Skirt via GW Boutique

The Teen is still in the hospital as of this post. I’d like to say I looked a quarter this good last week at work, but I was so tired, in truth it was bifocals, no make-up, and mostly a gormless (thanks, Vix, I love this word) look on my face. We won’t even talk about the sweet outfits I laid out and photographed on Sunday before The Teen started another pain event. Let’s just say instead of wearing those, I was dressed barely sloppily enough not to be asked to go home and change.

Early last fall, I scored a leather skirt, I think from the 80s, at GoodWill for a whopping $3.75. I’ve wanted a leather skirt  for a long time. This one is in perfect condition, fully lined, and is the smallest size 10 I’ve ever seen in my life.
The Deets: St. Malo leather skirt (GoodWill); Dalia Collection denim shirt (Marshalls); Sonoma Lifestyle boots (Kohl’s clearance); MMD obi belt; vintage silver hinged bangles I’ve started collecting via ebay

We have some very big medical decisions to make in the coming weeks. I won’t be blogging about them here, but I will be talking about the experience on CaringBridge. For those of you that want to keep up with The Teen, and I know many of you already do, I will make the link available once I’ve updated her site and started writing about what I’ll be thinking of as our Adventures in Hope (I hope).

I know many of you have supported family and friends through serious and/or terminal illnesses. I am usually pretty good in a crisis, and rarely cry, although I get exhausted and nonsensical after a few days. But it’s always something very small that brings out the tears at the most unexpected times. This time it was an idgit rent-a-cop that would not let me out of the hospital parking deck late at night without exact change. He started lecturing me in a very rude and condescending manner about the need for exact change between 10:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. and how I needed to be more prepared. That was it, guys. I burst into tears, and let this stupid little man with his petty Parking God complex be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

My feeling is if the hospital needs the parking funds from patients’ family and friends that bad, then keep one parking attendant on site to collect money at night, or put in a debit/credit machine like many airport parking lots use. But don’t ever treat patients’ support teams and lifelines to the outside world like dirt.

Sorry this wasn’t my usual lighter fare. I do have some funny stories to share from our NYC trip and even this very long hospital admission. I’ll do better next post.

I’m linking up to Patti at Not Yet Dead Style’s Visible Monday. Tomorrow I’m actually planning to wear – gasp – make-up and real clothes to work.

P.S. I am visiting many of your blogs, but mostly lurking these days. So I’m telling you now, you always raise my spirits.

37 Responses to Visible Monday: Vintage Leather Skirt via GW Boutique

  1. Oh Lynne, how hard it must be for you all. You are incredibly strong and resourceful and capable, but everyone has a crumple button… And if it was the jobsworth car park attendant with less sense and compassion than a potato who got to you, well, that's all the more shame on him.
    Now – you look beautiful. Not gormless in the slightest (great word, isn't it? Blogging is teaching you to speak British!) Love that sexy leather skirt, and pairing it with dark denim and one of Megan's belts is genius.
    Stay positive, love to The Teen, and looking forward to having you around when you can make it. xxxxxx

  2. I wish I was in the same city…I might go visit that parking guy and give him a hard time. He should not be in a hospital parking garage. You do look lovely in the skirt, but I know that is not what is on your mind right now. I will keep your family in my prayers. Just take one day at a time and enjoy the moments you have been given…and if you want to throw a cream pie at that guy you have my permission…just send out a social media picture when you do it!

  3. Ah, I am sad the Teen is in the hospital and feeling badly, and *mad* that a dreadful little man lectured as you were *leaving the hospital*! Large hugs are sent to you and healing thoughts as well. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday and please stay in touch with us, we care about you. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. I feel so much in this post Lynne.

    First I feel so awful for you and your family's struggles with hospitals. I'm so very sorry Lynne. I hope things start looking up and fast!

    I also feel like punching that rent a cop in the face! Get a grip dude! Who even carries ANY change anymore?

    I also feel very happy about your skirt and the amazing chambray button down paired with it.

    Hope this new year starts being better to you Lynne soon. Keep your chin up hun. HUG!!

  5. Oh, hon, that sounds so difficult – my thoughts are with you, The Teen and your family right now.

    On the plus side, you look awesome in this leather skirt! It's definitely from the 80s if it's marked a size 10 and it's that small!

  6. I hope you made the Parking God feel guilty when he made you cry! Maybe next time he'll remember that people there are going to be feeling stress and do not need a lecture.

    I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

    PS – You look great in the leather and denim, and teal tights too!

  7. Lynne you always have a way of taking items and pairing them together for the most excellent chic looks ever. I love the obi belt with this look. I'm absolutely obsessed with your boots too.

    I'm so sorry about the parking attendant. I hope he felt like shit after making you cry. Power trips help no one. You work so hard to care for your family and do not deserve to be treated badly by anyone.

  8. Dear Lynne – you, The Teen, the AMP, and your whole family have been so much on my mind and in my heart, and there you shall stay through your upcoming time of decisions. On top of everything, I am so sorry you were treated inhumanely, that is gross. May extra kindness surround you.

    This outfit is wonderful on you – I love the blues and the blacks, those great boots and how your MMD obi belt unites it all. Such a beautiful skirt – I have been on the hunt myself, but haven't yet had the magic when condition / fit / price triangulate on the perfect item! I'm thrilled to hear that some small space for self-carecan be on tomorrow's agenda. xoxo

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry The Teen is still in the hospital. It must be very hard for you. I hope Teen is feeling better soon and able to come home.

    That skirt was a great find. It looks wonderful on you.

  10. Great find with the leather skirt and I love it paired with the denim top.
    I'll check out the website you mentioned to keep updated on The Teen. So sorry all of you are going through these health challenges. I'm glad I still get to see your smiling face here. You seem like the sweetest person and are an inspiration. We all love you like the long distance girlfriends we are, Lynne.

  11. First, Lynne, just a reminder of how beautiful you are and how you certainly shine in that outfit. So even if you are just struggling to keep it together don't FORGET HOW GREAT YOU ARE, not just beauty/style-wise, but person-wise.
    I have developed a technique – sleep-eating, sleep-walking, sleep-working, sleep-eating again, sleep-showering – for those times when it takes all my strength just to go through the moves. We need little (or big) freakouts when those straws pile up. (What an idiot parking guy!) Screaming into a pillow is a good one too but it requires strength.
    My best thoughts are with you and The Teen and your family. I just know that when you think you have run out, your clever self has another hidden reservoir that will open up. Hugs!!!!

  12. For me, it was the car rental guy saying, "Your license has expired." To his horror, I burst into loud, snuffly tears. However, one quick trip to the license bureau later, and I was sitting in a free rental upgrade with that particular fellow treating me very gently. That week in that lovely brand new car was the best week of my 2012 ~ a chronically ill child can change even the smallest things.

    Gave my leather skirt away a few years ago and STILL regret it! Especially seeing yours with colored tights. It's FAB!

  13. First let me say you look fabulous in this outfit. Very chic. Back in the 80's a size 10 was about a size 4 nowadays. I found a size 10 leather skirt in Goodwill & bought it for my size 6 sister. It was WAY too small for her.

    Being both a patient and the family member of a patient with medical issues I know that it is far harder to be the family member as you feel so helpless to make things better.

    I am so sorry that you were treated so badly and I hope that idgit (love that term) felt awful. I would report him, not just for yourself but for all the others he has probably upset.

    My heart is with you and I wish the best for all of you.

  14. You say that you are sorry and will be back with funnier stories. But why are you sorry? You are going through something right now that most of us will never understand or have to endure. It is okay to be a little down. We all have bad days/weeks/months/years. That is why we are here – to listen (okay, read) and offer our support. An extended family, in a way. Allow us to be your virtual shoulders to cry on – and cyber posse to take down the nasty security guy.

    As far as the skirt – Wow! Just Wow! You look incredible. I love your pairings. It inspires me!!!

    Sending you and your family prayers to get through this ordeal.

  15. *sigh* I feel so sad for you. The weight of this is heavy on your shoulders; we can sense that. We offer our deepest support.

    It seems frivolous to talk about fashion in the context of what you're dealing with but, maybe, it can be a welcome diversion and moment of joy. The leather skirt is adorable and you're stylish in a wonderfully individualized way.

  16. First of all – I've been keeping you and the Teen and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    Second of all – someone needs to kick that rent a cop in the you know where. What a jerkwad. Seriously. And I can't believe how much hospitals charge for parking too – we had friends who delivered their baby at 23 weeks and she was in the hospital for 120 days before coming home – the cost of parking every day to see their little girl in addition to their other bills was ridic. But I digress.

    Third of all – you look amazing in this outfit! I love the leather skirt you found, what a great find!

    And finally – it's ok to have an honest post about what's going on, don't feel bad about it being less lighthearted. We're your friends and it's ok!! I'll be watching for your CaringBridge link – isn't CaringBridge a wonderful tool?

  17. While clothing isn't your top priority right now, please know that the the community of fashion bloggers is surrounding you with love and support. We're all thinking of you and hoping for the very best for the Teen.

    Hang in there, Lynne.

  18. Lynne, I'm very sorry to hear about the Teen's ongoing health issues. It is so so nice to see you post on the blog and I hope you can feel your community just rooting for you and your family at this time. Post what you feel (what you feel comfortable with) and let us support you while you need it. From across a big sea I am sending you a big hug.

    Like Ally said, fashion seems like a frivolity at this time but it gives a much-needed boost.

    And lurk away on other's blogs! I have quite a few lurkers. I will send you a mysterious mac and dark glasses for this purpose xxx

  19. May the parking attendant's rash never heal! (That sort of petty tyrant usually has one …) Very Best Thoughts to you, though, and to your family. You should know you're looking good, though. You remind me to pull my leather skirt out and get it out and about with new friends!
    Hope your 2013 is much better than 2012!

  20. (((((((hugs)))))))) to you and I'll be keeping the Teen and your family in prayer.
    You look fabulous in your new skirt- love how you styled it.
    I would like to give a beat- down to Mr Rentacop- what an idiot!!!

  21. Lynne, it's so hard coping with a loved one's illness, and I'm so sorry that miserable little jobsworth had to make it just a little bit nastier and more difficult. Fingers crossed for the Teen and your whole family!

  22. I'm so sorry to hear about what your daughter is going through and her family. I hope she is suffering less now that she's in the hospital. You do look beautiful in whatever you wear and this leather and denim ensemble is no exception. Glad to see/hear you again. Take care.

  23. That skirt was a major find!!!
    Love how you styled it
    Yes, please give us the link to your Caring-bridge site
    I hope you get some rest soon and that your daughter's pain can be managed very soon

  24. Thank you Lynn for your truly sweet comment today on my blog. Your twin is very lucky to have a mom like you. Supportive, funny, and hip! I hope things go well for your family during this time. As well as can be, with glimmers of hope and love coming from all around. 😉 There are miracles and kindness always nearby just for you.

  25. I can totally imagine myself reacting the same way to the parking garage situation. I hope he just let you go after that.

    I love the leather pencil skirt, I think it looks great on you.

  26. You are one strong woman! Screw the parking attendant right? As always, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. On a happy note, you look fab! That skirt rocks paired with the obi belt and denim top. Heather

  27. It's so difficult to watch a loved one in pain. I'm sure you feel the trauma along with your daughter. We are all here with you during this time and hope that there is a solution in sight. My thoughts are with you.

    Style heals! Your outfit is stellar and I love the patterned obi.

  28. First off, you look amazing for dealing with all that you are!

    Also, I really hope everything takes a turn for the better, I feel so terrible for you. I know it is hard to go into great detail on the internet, but I can tell that you are dealing with a lot. Staying positive does wonders, and it seems you are trying your best. XOXOX

  29. You look great! I love this outfit. I think it's my favorite that I have seen on you. I am sorry — I disappeared for awhile, and I need to catch up on what's been happening with you … It sounds like it's been a lot.

  30. And I am back with my second comment. I just read your post.. (yes, I know i looked at the picture, commented on the outfit and went back to read the post). I know your daughter was ill, but I thought it was a temporary thing. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this. I don't know the details of your situation, but my family went through a family illness with my grandmother recently. She was in the hospital for 6 weeks, after suffering a heart attack. She is in her 80's and survived 4 surgeries (the exploratory, the actual open heart surgery, the emergency one when things were not going well and the one to install a pacemaker after they finally figured out after 6 weeks that her heart needed a coach. Because of her age, we didn't think she was going to make it. But guess what, she did and she is back home and twice as feisty as she was before. We got through this with lots and lots of outside support and prayer. As I mentioned, I don't know what your exact circumstances are, but your daughter is so much more younger and I would believe, stronger than my grandmother was. Keep the faith. Keep her spirits lifted. If you have the strength, I would report the security guard. It's a hospital for gosh's sake. They need to show a little bit more compassion. As a matter of fact, they should offer complimentary valet parking to any and all family members who are admitted to certain areas of the hospital. In my families case, because my grandmother spent most of her time in the ICU, we were granted that priviledge. So sorry for the typos and misspellings, but I just needed to get that out.

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