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Wardrobe Workhorse: Red Cardigan

Wardrobe Workhorse: Red Cardigan

I’m so pleased that Megan (Mee-gan) is the first person to share her Wardrobe Workhorse. Her cutting edge style and beautiful shoe collection make her blog, The Fashionable Bureaucrat, a must-read and see. In her email to me, she describes why she wears her red cardigan so often:

I wear this red cardigan at least twice a week. It gives an instant pop of colour to any outfit and its bright colour makes me feel happy. It’s also practical since it keeps me warm in my already freezing office and covers my tattoos when I don’t want them on display. 

I keep trying to replace it since it’s starting to show its age but I haven’t yet found anything suitable.

Megan’s tattoos are as lovely as she is. I hope you’ll check out The Fashionable Bureaucrat!

Got a Wardrobe Workhorse or a Goodwill Career Wear Challenge (I’m upping the secondhand outfit ante to $15 after seeing the prices in NYC Goodwills) you’d be willing to share with us? You don’t even have to be a blogger; we like reader contributions here, too. It’s as simple as emailing a photo to me at lynne dot devenny at gmail dot com, with your outfit details and a  few sentences about it.

Many thanks to the gorgeous Megan for helping me get this started!

8 Responses to Wardrobe Workhorse: Red Cardigan

  1. I'm a big fan of Megan's style! She has cool shoes too. Oh yeah, *if* you're upping the price, I'll have to get a thrifty outfit together for you : >

  2. Love Megan's style! I definitely look up to her and her amazing finds.

    I need more help on dressing for an overly warm store! So you'll probably see me baring my tats more than most do at work.

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