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Wardrobe Workhorse: The Sofa Dress Again

Wardrobe Workhorse: The Sofa Dress Again

Or, Real Women Wear the Same Clothes & Spend Time in Parking Lots

Part of dressing on a budget is wearing what you already own, maybe more often than you’d like. That seems way beyond obvious, but some of us (okay, me) like variety in our attire (as incentive to get up on weekday mornings). Plus, wearing the same thing twice is the kiss of death for a style blogger, right?

NO. Uh, well, I hope not.

Recently, I’ve discovered that I actually like – and need – simplicity in my life. If I find a piece of clothing, usually a dress or a skirt, that I love, I want to wear it over and over and over. It comforts me.

I know this “sofa dress” is a repeat on the blog, but it’s a beloved wardrobe workhorse. It’s made out of cool sofa fabric, it has a nicer shape than I do, and it could practically go to work without me.

 The Deets: Dress (Ross, 5-6 years ago); Cardi (Goodwill); Shoes (jcp clearance); Assorted jewels

 That’s my dog. She ate a pack of lifesavers she “found” in my purse. She wants to know if you have candy in your purse.
A brooch cluster ala Gracey.

Do you have a Wardrobe Workhorse? Are you willing to share it with my readers? If so, email me ( a photo, the outfit details, and a few sentences stating why you wear that piece over and over often. You’ll get your own guest post and my undying gratitude. Same goes for my Goodwill Career Wear Challenge: you can email me a photo, the secondhand (scored anywhere) outfit details and ahem, cost (outfit under $10, not including shoes, accessories, and underpinnings), and a few sentences about why you popped those particular tags and/or why your secondhand outfit is perfect for your work environment.

P.S. Oh, I got my hair did. In honor of visiting The Costume Technician in NYC for Mother’s Day weekend, I asked for a “fancy New York haircut” even though I used my same local stylist of 15 plus years. Yes, Mom, my bangs are supposed to be in my face.

22 Responses to Wardrobe Workhorse: The Sofa Dress Again

  1. Correction: the dress does *not* have a better shape than you – you give it life! : > And you look damn good doing so. Love, love, love your haircut!

  2. Great hair, great dress…your dog sounds like she has taken lessons from Vizzini.

    I have so many workhorses in my wardrobe. I keep forgetting to send you pics of my cheapass stuff, sorry!

  3. OH MY FUCKING GOD YOUR HAIR. Seriously, though, it's gorgeous. It looks so good! I wish I could stand my bangs in my face, they drive me nuts though and I push them to the side.

    I know the dress I wore today is going to be a big workhorse. Like your dress, it has the shape built into it. And the dress cost $7!

    Look at how perfectly posed your Corgi is! All your pets are superbly fancy.

  4. OMG your hair is soooooo awesome Lynne!!!! I love this dress so much and finding an item that truly works is a treasure. I love it this way with the pink cardigan!

    Yes, I am certainly planning on participating. I really, really want to! I've just been super busy and procrastinating like crazy. But I will send you my Goodwill/repeat outfit asap!

  5. Girl, you look gorgeous as always! I love the sofa dress. And, yes, I do have pieces that I wear all the time. I just know people are on the verge of throwing up over constantly seeing my Steve Madden boots but somehow they remain my friends — the boots and the peeps! Your hair is lovely! And the Life Saver thief is ahDORABLE!!

    Lynn Dylan

  6. Your hair looks so cool! I was just googling razor cuts, and you were out there actually getting one. It's very flattering, and very hip.

  7. I think it's funny. Some people in blogs talk about a Go To outfit to use especially when in a hurry. Others talk about changing the styling every day. I think most of us can't afford new every day. I have a closet full of things I don't wear much. And several Go To items I wear a lot.

  8. Are you kidding? I like some stuff so much I wear it all day and all night! And maybe the next morning too. Look at that wicked do, ooo-hooo, so cool. You are rocking it, ba-by.

  9. I promise I really will get you a post one of these days!! Life is crazy lately.

    I love this workhouse sofa dress of yours. It looks fantastic. If it works, wear it as much as you want! I laugh because you have a sofa dress and I have couch pants. Yep. Couch pants.

    I freaking love your dog too.

  10. Loving that sexy shaggy haircut and that cheeky sweet-snaffling Corgi. You're in good company apparently as the Duchess of Cambridge …shock horror…recycles clothes and is seem in public in the same dress twice! xxx

  11. Your hair is so swishy, shiny, cool. I laughed about the dress going to work on its own. That's no couch potato dress. You look awesome. Heck, yeah, wearing stuff multiple times, upside down, inside out, just keeping them lively and forcing me to launder once in a while.
    I have to think about workhorses outfits… Thrifting in Vancouver is becoming more trendy, meaning more expensive. Waaa.

  12. Your hair looks wonderful, Lynne – did you feel you fitted into the NYC style with your new do? Bet you did! Of course we all have workhorse items, don't we? My denim jacket is probably my most worn piece of clothing (when the weather is warmer) but I have all manner of dresses and cardigans which come out to play over and over again. It would be awful to have lots of stuff that's hardly worn.
    You have the cutest dog! xxxx

  13. I noticed immediately you'd done something a bit "rad" with your hair! I LOVE it!!!

    Your sofa dress is awesome–you can just change it up with the cardigan and accessories!

    I have 2 maxi skirts I have to stop myself from wearing every week. I shall have to wear one of them this week for your challenge. It's a hardship but I'll do anything for fashun!!! (snerk)

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