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We Finally Got a Law Firm Dog!

We Finally Got a Law Firm Dog!

For realsies, peeps. Forget that April Fool’s post of 2009 in which I liar liar pants on fire announced we were getting a law firm dog.

You can imagine my shock when I walked into my Big Boss’s office last week and saw a dog crate. Having not a clue, I blurted, “Is that for the bad employees?”

Turns out I missed his new puppy Rosie’s visit to the office a few days earlier.

But he brought Rosie back today.

Exhibit A: Real live dog in my office.

I asked if she could live at the office, you know, just during the day. And not only because it’s a cool marketing ploy to have a law firm dog.

But because dogs make people happy.

Exhibit B: My co-worker Shannon getting puppy kisses.

Well except for yesterday after work when The Corginator greeted me at the door, along with the 5-lb bag of baking potatoes she’d decimated. Yeah, it was her. She still had part of the bag stuck on an incisor.

I think the signs are really good for a law firm dog now (after begging, for like, 20 years). Rosie has a crate, a dog bed, AND toys in the Big Boss’s office.

Exhibit C: Law Firm Dog

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4 Responses to We Finally Got a Law Firm Dog!

  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog today and for taking the time to comment! It's always nice to see somebody new. I read a bunch of your posts — very interesting, and I like your sense of humor.

  2. A-dorable! Rosie is super cute! Thank you for posting photos, and please keep us apprised of future visits!
    –Karen G., a Maine Fan

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