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What Is This, The Seventh Grade?

What Is This, The Seventh Grade?

Seriously, the immature behavior at work described in the Matter of Sindoni v. County of Tioga sounds like a screenplay for the sequel to Mean Girls. reports that Penny Sindoni, a senior typist who had enjoyed a solid 11-year work history with the Tioga County Health Department, was terminated for creating a hostile and disruptive work environment as a result of her animosity toward a co-worker, Christeenia “Teena” Cargill. A New York appeals court upheld her dismissal.

Sindoni was accused of helping organize a group of five other employees that became known as the “I Hate Teena Club,” using the name that Cargill goes by.

Sindoni wore a ribbon that identified her as a central figure in the “club,” according to the decision. She countered that she wore the ribbon in sympathy for two employees who worked under Cargill and that it did not signify her status in the group.

Sindoni was the only member of the group who lost her job because of the behavior.

We’ve all worked with people that we didn’t like, but there’s no excuse for regressing to middle school bullying and passive aggressive behavior. If you have a problem with a co-worker, talk to him or her civilly and directly, and then if that doesn’t work, have a private talk with the appropriate supervisor or manager.
But don’t start a “mean girls” clique complete with beribboned gang markings – unless you don’t really need that paycheck.
Best Reader Comment from macinjosh: “The judge also ruled that the Petitioner has cooties and ordered a cootie shot to be administered within 15 days.”

4 Responses to What Is This, The Seventh Grade?

  1. This is quite unfortunate that sometime we forget our work and position. I did not find any clue why Sindoni forgot her vital position. This is nothing but the lack of devotion to the work.

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