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What Not To Do When You Feel Underappreciated

Who hasn’t felt underappreciated at one time or another at work? Especially in a busy law firm, when you constantly meet deadlines and put out fires, only to start all over the next day. If you’re not even hearing the occasional “great job” or “thank you” from your boss, you’re bound to get a little grouchy.

So what’s an underappreciated legal secretary or paralegal going to do?

I can think of many constructive options besides what two Pennsylvania legal secretaries are accused of doing, i.e. stealing $94,000 from their supervising attorney’s business account.

Why the heck would they do that? They didn’t feel like their supervising attorney appreciated them enough.

Now they are not only still underappreciated, but charged with theft, conspiracy, and forgery. In a new low for thievery, the funds they allegedly helped themselves to were earmarked for the future care of their boss’s special needs son.

To add insult to injury, after $94,000 went missing, they were finally busted over .44 cents in postage after one of them used the office postage meter to mail a personal bill.

Robert Mongue uses this news story to discuss honesty and ethical behavior in “The Price of Appreciation” at The Empowered Paralegal blog. There’s absolutely nothing that justifies taking anything at work (or anywhere else) that doesn’t belong to us, even postage.

I could probably do a whole separate post on the benefits of working out postage meter privileges with your staff, but in this instance, I don’t think a few stamps would have saved this attorney $94,000.

Feeling underappreciated? Go treat yourself to a pedicure or an over-priced coffee product, and start working on finding another job in a better working environment. But no amount of awesome merits sneaking extra bonus checks out of an employer’s business account.

Source: WHTM-TV

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