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When Wishes Make You Weep

When Wishes Make You Weep

When a genie fairy godperson Lucky Charm dude real person tells you that your child is getting a super-duper wish, you’re supposed to whoop with joy. At least that’s how I always imagined these things would go.

A pretty dress always makes me feel better:
The Deets: Mossimo dress (Target); Shrug (Marshalls, old); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon)

The first and only time it ever happened to me was last Thursday, and I started bawling.

I do rather wish I could have these pumps in whiskey…

Yep. It was a Make-a-Wish Foundation referral. The Teen’s Sickle Cell Disease is advancing, and now she’s a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. I took a considerable amount of rather grim health news fairly calmly (mostly shock I’m sure) for two solid months.

Antique brooch from a relative. I’ve had it so long I forgot which one…

Then it’s the poor professional calling about Make-a-Wish who unleashes the flood. She asked me if she should call back later, or if we even wanted a wish. “Of course we do,” I hiccuped and gasped, “It’s just for  some reason this is the first time I’ve cried.” Lucky her.

Pockets. Ah, pockets.

Actually, I felt enormously better after she called. I didn’t even know I needed a good cry, but the genie fairy godperson Lucky Charm dude nice lady with the Make-a-Wish referral apparently knew exactly what I needed, even if I wouldn’t have thought to wish for it.

When I told a good friend this story, she said, “Make-a-Wish isn’t hospice, you know.” And it isn’t. It’s a chance for a child with a life-threatening illness to dream of possibilities.

So The Teen initially said she’d like to meet Charlie Hunnam, except she didn’t like his hair in the last season of Sons of Anarchy. I’m like, “They’re bikers. Besides, I liked his hair fine.” Then she said maybe she’d like to meet Andrew Garfield. And I’m quietly chanting, “Charlie. Charlie. Charlie.”

What would you want to do (something fun) if someone gave you a wish?

P.S. Even tho’ this is one of last weekend’s pics, I didn’t get to wear the dress last week (cold, rainy), so I’m wearing it to the hospital tomorrow with my fave riding boots instead. I’m also happily joining Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style, because it’s wonderful to help celebrate lovely peeps of all ages.

37 Responses to When Wishes Make You Weep

  1. We are friend with a family who has a young child with a serious condition. Make-a-Wish sent the entire family to Disneyworld for a week! They had a wonderful time and made some great memories.
    So glad you got a chance to sob. I would bet it's not the first time the coordinator has had that happen.
    That dress is beautiful on you. The colors are perfect.
    Thinking of you often.
    xoxo, A

  2. Oooh, I don't know what to say….
    I will say a prayer for your daughter. I think it's a wonderful opportunity to do something really really special, and I hope you get to meet Charlie! He's a looker! 😉
    You look beautiful, btw!

  3. And who could blame you with all you've been dealing with? I'm holding a good thought for The Teen's bone marrow transplant, and for Charlie. 😉 And cute dress. Hooray for pockets!

  4. I'm almost at a loss for words that would comfort you at this moment because I haven't known you for very long. What a challenging time for you and your family. And what a joy your life has been because of your daughter being in it. I'm of the school of thought that our children choose us for whatever reasons they/us need. You are her light I'm sure. Mostly I can tell because you are always beaming whenever I stop by. You can't fake that. 😉
    Wear that dress proudly tomorrow. You will radiate joy and love!

  5. Sometimes the stress is so heavy we don't have the strength to feel, and it's only when we're given something to lighten our load that we have the strength to cry.
    Had I a wish, it would be to meet author Margaret Atwood. I had the chance to meet her when I first started my thesis (on her work, nonetheless) but felt emotional distance from the subject would be beneficial. I don't regret my decision, but keep my fingers crossed for another opportunity (not likely, given I'm one step further removed from the world of "serious academia" and her preference for virtual appearances, even at book signings)
    Whatever the wish turns out to be, you all certainly deserve it!

  6. I'm feeling a little weepy with your story, and I don't know what to say. I know nothing about sickle cell, but it sounds terribly unfair. You look lovely in that dress, the shrug, the brooch, so that outfit should help you find your strength.

    What would I do? Well, what are the limits of time and money? I could dig meeting Keanu Reeves!

  7. You look beautiful. Love that cute little shrug with the pretty dress.
    You've held up brilliantly and you're allowed to have a release of emotions. All are prayers for improved health are with your daughter.

  8. Lots and lots and lots of hugs going out to you. Make-A-Wish is NOT hospice, though it doesn't make facing her illness and further treatment any less stressful. It still means struggle for her and as her Mom, you're worried for her. That's totally okay.

    Btw if you haven't read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, I highly recommend taking any free time you've got to read it and share it with your daughters, too. It's sad, but a very good read. I read it in a day with a box of tissues.

    I adore your space-rock printed dress and the fabulous MM booties!!

    I hope the Teen decides on her wish and hope it's something awesome for her.

    As for what I'd wish for? I'd like a trip to England – London or Liverpool or anywhere really. I'd probably never get to go on my own accord – even if I do get to a financial place where I can… I'm afraid I'd react as badly on a plane as I do in the doctor's office. [i.e. not well]

  9. Oh, gosh, hon, how amazingly generous and overwhelming that must have been. I'm glad you were able to get some of that emotion out. How exciting that The Teen is going to get a wish!

    I can't think of any wish for me – I try to do all the things I want to do! If I could give any wish, I would wish your daughter better. *hug*

  10. This is wonderful, tear-making news, Lynne! And I had to go Google Charlie (wow, cute) because I am old. More positive thoughts are sent to Teen and to you, and btw, you look fabulous. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  11. My friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and was immediately referred to St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Talk about angels! Anyway, they also received the call from the Make-a-Wish foundation and their daughter wanted to go to Disney and meet Cinderella. The family was not even sure that this wish could even happen considering their daughter's medical condition.

    I am happy to report that the cancer is in remission. They plan on going to Disney next month as a celebration of their daughter's life. My friend said that when Make-A-Wish called and asked about the wish she was tempted to say that her only wish was for her daughter to live. It seems that they are both getting what they want.

    My point is this…look at the wish as a chance to celebrate the life of your beautiful daughter and the strength that you have as a family.

    All my prayers to you and yours.

    (P.S. After I read this, I went online and looked up and will be joining the registry. I may not be the match for your daughter but if enough people join, perhaps they can find the perfect match.)

  12. So many hugs going out to you Lynne. I know it hasn't been an easy road lately. I do hope the Teen gets to something amazing for her wish! I interned for the Make-A-Wish foundation when I was in college and you know what, some of the volunteers/workers there were former wish kids themselves – just a little glimmer I wanted to share.

    Despite all you are going through you always look so gosh darn amazing!! This dress is superb.

  13. What wonderful news. I think your gorgeous gal has impeccible taste as I'd love to meet Charlie, too (and preferred his hair in the last series!) Your dress is beautiful. xxx

  14. I am soooooooo very happy for you and your family Lynne! I'm not one for religion, but someone somewhere is definitely looking out for you guys. Much love to you! (PS–go team Charlie! And if you do meet him, get pictures for sure. And give him a kiss for me. Just do it. 😉 )

  15. I am happy to hear that they are not a hospice. I know that is automatically what people assume. I really hope that the bone marrow transplant works. I can't imagine the amount of stress you are under. No wonder you needed to cry. I would think that just getting out of bed would be difficult. How you manage to keep it altogether and still look amazing is incredible.

    I am sending good vibes your way for you and your family.


  16. That is really heartening Lynne! I am so happy that you child has been given this opportunity! I send you my best wishes and prayers.
    You look absolutely beautiful in this pretty dress and boots!x

  17. I'm so out of it, when it comes to popular culture, that I have no idea who the Teen wants to meet, but I'm so glad she's getting a wish!

    And, I, too, am wishing your lovely daughter better, and so many more reasons for all your tears to be happy ones. (PS, great dress!)

  18. I have been thinking about you and your family–you're all lucky to have each other. I would definitely choose Charlie as the wish visitor–I would bet he'd be kind and gracious (and maybe surprised). Positive thoughts to you all!

  19. You know we're sending all our collective wishes to you and the Teen. I hope the marrow transplant happens soon and effects a cure soon. And I hope you can cry as much as you need to.
    For those who do not understand how important it is to be able to put on a pretty dress when grief and stress overwhelm … I blow a big sloppy raspberry at them!

  20. You write with such depth and feeling and I'm touched by your posts. Somehow you manage to look gorgeous throughout this trauma. Wishing the best to you and The Teen as she dreams of possibilities, as you move forward on this hopeful journey.

  21. You bear all the difficulty, fear and sadness with such strength and grace, Lynne, as does your beautiful girl. Of course you cried, why wouldn't you cry? It's only ever when someone is kind that I let go and cry, never when the going is tough and I have to hold on to it.
    I hope The Teen chooses a fabulous wish, whatever she settles on. I would wish to be as fabulous as you are, and failing that, can I go to Machu Picchu please? xxxxx

  22. Awww, so awesome. I'm teary eyed way over here. I hope the Teen has fun with whatever she wishes for.

    You're so amazingly positive Lynne and such an inspiration.


  23. I cry just thinking about your family's situation. My empathy for your struggle overwhelms me at times.

    Bikers are bikers. No apologies for our hair.

  24. Aw, Lynne. You know I've got you-all in my heart and thoughts, and it looks like I'm in pretty good company with that. Pretty dresses make me feel better too–I just got a new one to try and perk up some blahs that have been in my life lately, and it's not perfect but it helps!

  25. I am a student paralegal and absolutely love your blog and clothes. I am just so sorry about your daughter's situation and will say a prayer.

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