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Why Am I Carrying a Water-Stained Purse?

Why Am I Carrying a Water-Stained Purse?

Actually, the convo with the Absent-Minded Professor, while he was kindly snapping these pics, went rather like this:

AMP: “Why are you carrying a purse with water stains on it?

Mixin’ a little pattern with my water-stained purse. And seasons, too.

Me: “WUT!?!”

AMP:  “Your purse. It has water stains on it.”

Me: “These aren’t water stains. This is a map of the world! You’re supposed to intuit ‘BIG DUMMY’ here…”

The Deets: Purse (see below); Loft skirt (eBay); Foxcroft no iron gingham shirt (thrifted); Life Stride loafers; Amethyst bead necklace (handmade gift from a friend years ago)

AMP: “Oh. Looks like water stains to me.”

Me: “This is an Alviero Martini 1A Classe purse from one of his earlier Geocollections. These bags start at several hundred dollars new. I paid $6 for mine at the GoodWill!”

AMP: “I’m telling you, Honey, looks like water stains to me.”

AMP’s coffee cup, gently steaming in the cool air. 
My wild Rosemary bush, which I’m hoping will take over th’ hood.

This is from the man that can’t tell you what I’m wearing even on the days he takes a dozen pics for me.

But he does have a point. What looked like a great leather bag with a world map on it, perfect for an immigration paralegal, could be mistaken for a rather beat-up water-stained purse carried by a poor paralegal. However, I am sticking by my map o’ th’ world like glue.

Has your SO ever innocently deflated your style balloon?

P.S. I left out the picture of my new Target pencil skirt from my recent GoodWill and Salvation Army tours:

Never worn. Score.

24 Responses to Why Am I Carrying a Water-Stained Purse?

  1. I love the purse, even if it very vaguely could be seen as resembling water stains. The skirt score, also sweet.

    Hey, did you get the culottes?

  2. Aw! I totally see the map and that is SO cool and perfect for an immigration law paralegal! You and AP are just so adorable. I hope that all is well/better with you and yours. Been missing you on here! You are looking great though!

  3. Some men just don't get fashion. Today my husband said that my outfit looked nice and that I'd been dressing really sharp lately. Then I put on my lime green cardi and he said, You just ruined it.

    But he was wrong.

  4. Love this line, it is my husband: "the man that can't tell you what I'm wearing even on the days he takes a dozen pics for me" I lurve him to pieces, though (my husband, not yours. Although I might love your husband if I knew him. In a friendly way, of course. Stop now).

    Fabulous bag, I see only a map of the world! Love your whole look, it's crisp and pretty.

  5. You can't stop others from perceiving you differently from yourself so I try to make it fun. Like imagining a scene like yours. What these episodes remind us is the fallacy of our belief that everyone sees the world as we do. That's sooo incorrect.

    It's like when a beautiful woman spends hours on her appearance, wears a gorgeous gown and worries if one of her eyebrows is crooked — while every man who sees her stares solely at her big boobies.

  6. I like the purse – I don't think it looks like water stains! Oh those men, they mean well sometimes. I am sure my hubs has said something once or twice but I can't remember specifics!

    Your skirt is a huge score! Love it!

  7. MEN–LOLOLOL!!!! The hubster commented one day if I noticed that I was wearing a plaid shirt with a polka dot sweater and a floral scarf. Pattern-mixing confuses him!
    I love the purse–way cool!!
    Definite SCORE on the skirt!!!

  8. I did think that at first but now I know I love it! I can just imagine you pair bickering, it's exactly the sam here!
    Love that skirt! xxx

  9. Water stains? The world is covered in water, lol! The purse is awesome- typed by a person who actually likes purses with water stains, I love the patina of age and experience on things- I'm a poet, so indulge me.

    You my dear, score big time- not just the handbag, but on a hubby who even notices, wrongly that you are carrying a purse. My beau- well, ahem, I say behind his back: I get bigger compliments from strangers. Because its true.

  10. Lynne you look so chic! This entire outfit looks so expensive. I'd expect you to say in your best Southern Belle voice "Please join us on the veranda for tea, then we'll get this business meetin' under way."

    I love your bag. The DH does have a way of saying odd things about my clothes, but I usually just wear whatever I'm going to wear anyway.

    Woo! Awesome skirt.

    Also did you get the box I sent to you? Have you opened it? If not, please do, there's more than just stuff from me in there!!

    Also, also.. would you be interested in the pair of pink pumps I'm wearing today. They're a 37 EU, and they're a bit closer to a 6.5 and I wonder if they'd fit you better than me. If you want 'em, I'll drop them in the mail for you.

  11. Well, I think it is a very cute handbag. It makes me think of intrepid explorers, with all the maps.

    Ah, confused questions and comments from my sweetie- 'it's quite, er… flappy' ( for a trapeze top that wasn't overly fitted nor flattering, but I felt French-Revolution in- don't ask). Or 'i really like it, you look a little like a bank robber ' (is that a good thing? In a stripy top and silk scarf worn triangular at the front). Often his feedback is useful, as he has a good eye, it's just the delivery sometimes! Xx

  12. I read the title of this entry, glanced at the purse and thought, "It's not stained; that's a map of the world." Score one for me, woot! Seriously, though, I learned very quickly in our marriage NOT to ask for my husband's opinion in matters of dress unless I wanted his all-too-honest opinion.

  13. lol … love the convo. Could you share a picture of the purse on its own – I'd love to see the map on it … even though it does vaguely resemble a water stain.

    My man has deflated my balloon many times – to the point that I get my dd to take the photos now – also she doesn't shake as badly as he does … 😉

  14. Well, I hate to say it but I can kinda see what the AMP means… But on a closer look, I see the map, I do, and it's lovely! Would it really have been so expensive new? Good grief. Anyhow, as always you look very chic and gorgeous. And your pink skirt is a beauty! xxxx

  15. Arun constantly bursts my balloon, but I know he thinks I am beautiful. He does tend to think all clothes should only cost $5. He is the deal stealer in the family.

  16. Oh, no, no, Lynne, I knew it was map as soon as I looked at it!! And I love it!! Sorry I have been so scarce lately. Good grief!!! Could life get any busier???!! I won't even say that, because I know it could!! LOL. You are beautiful as always!!!


  17. most men just can't wrap their minds around fashion
    love this skirt you are sporting
    hope you have a lovely easter weekend and that the teen is doing well

  18. That is such a man thing to say. HA! My SO is very careful about his fashion commentary because he knows how much I love to play with stuff and he is so very, Britishly polite about hurting my feelings. I always say "have we met!?"…(it's pretty hard to hurt my feelings). I LOVE your MAP OF THE WORLD (not waterstained) purse so wear it with pride.

  19. Okay, I'm a dork but I thought that was a map. But even if it were water stains, it's still cool. Yes, remarks from my SO may make me look in the mirror twice, but he can never ever break me.
    I love this crisp look, especially the Loft skirt.

  20. Oh maaan, that purse! Why are map-printed things so cool?

    I dunno about innocently, but sometimes when I ask Mike if the outfit I put together looks weird, he just goes, "All your outfits look weird to me." Sigh, that boy.

    • Nope. Lancelot The AMP (he's asked that to be his name on all future posts) really thinks the purse is water-stained. I've figured out over the last year of style blogging, that when he takes the pics, he can't recall what I'm wearing, unless it's my blue dress. That's the only one he ever comments on! But I got lots of compliments on my map purse in DC, so I'm relieved that not everyone thinks it's water-stains!

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