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Why Another Paralegal Weblog?…i.e., “Whyblog”?

There are some great paralegal blogs already out there, including ParalegalGateway and A Paralegal’s Blog. I visit them several times a week to feel connected to other paralegals and the paralegal profession. So why do I think the world needs one more paralegal blog? Do I not have a day job, plus a couple of other jobs to go with that one? (And do I not have a family who would like some quality time and a meal that did not come out of a box or a bag? At least my dogs are “over the moon” about food from boxes and bags. Keep an eye out for a future entry about why every paralegal should be owned by a dog.)

There are several reasons I decided to start a paralegal blog. I am a frustrated editor and sofa-based columnist. I am also a paralegal educator even when I am not standing in front of a classroom. Also, I started it for the same reason that I visit other paralegal blogs. I want to feel more connected to other paralegals and the paralegal profession. I want to share some hard-learned lessons, or even better, learn some easy lessons from someone else’s hard-earned experience. I want to comment on some good paralegal stories. I want to tell some good paralegal stories. I want some other paralegals to tell me some good stories.

Here is the disclaimer part, in not-so-fine print: If you send me something, it is mine to use as I see fit, properly credited, of course. Now, re-write that plain English sentence into Legalese, such as “If the party of the first part [hereinafter referred to as “YOU”] submits a written or electronic document or submission to the party of the second part [hereinafter referred to as “ME”], then YOU waive, release, relinquish and forever forfeit the right to object, withdraw, sue, litigate or take any adverse action against ME regarding any use of that written or electronic document or submission whatsoever, whenever, however and forever, unless the parties otherwise agree.” I have a whole Kathy Griffin inspired law-based comedy routine worked up, which I may practice in some future entries. Please feel free to sustain an objection! But one old adage which gets me through some difficult days is, “It is better to laugh than cry.” On bad days, my own mantra might be “You will not make me cry!”

So, I am hoping to share some good paralegal stories, some good paralegal lessons and some good paralegal practice tips. If we are lucky enough to share a few laughs, too, then that is definitely my idea of a good day.

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