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Why Don’t You Ever Brush Your Hair?

Why Don’t You Ever Brush Your Hair?

A former significant other asked me that rather a lot. You know, a lot for a question that sounds a bit hypercritical, or perhaps just helpful. I’m sure he meant to be helpful and improve my personal hygiene.

What’s the answer to that question? I dunno. For sure, I don’t even carry a brush or comb with me. Wait, that sounds like I’m lacking in personal hygiene. We’ll talk about my OCD shower habits in another post.

I am a paralegal. Don’t mess with me.
The Deets: Vivienne Tam sheath (@$11 Steinmart clearance several years ago); Miz Mooz Tillman pumps (Amazon); Cuff & plastic beads (Goodwill $1 each!)

My hair has the consistency and thickness of straw that has been sucked dry by peroxide and then seared by those antique curling irons that had to be heated in the fireplace. Um, that really happened to it in the 80s, although the curling irons were electric. I got them stuck in my hair quite often, and usually looked like I’d just been struck by lightning. Brushing my straw hair still makes me look like someone electrocuted a cat.

I’m grateful these days for Mitch Clean Cut Styling Cream (just product love, not review or sponsorship) that lets me play with my hair, kinda of like Play-doh, and make it stick out in points, or smash into waves.

I’ve been raiding Goodwills for $1 plastic bead necklaces, which I loathed until a month or so ago,
but now am obsessed with. Plastic jools, yep.

I’m down to two weeks in a real office job, guys. We’re down to two weeks until The Teen is admitted to the hospital to start the bone marrow transplant. So, two weeks until I start suffering from all kinds of adjustment disorder, right? I’m already squirrelly as hell. But we are so hopeful for a cure. We’ll get through this as a family, no matter what, but we suspect it will be a battle of epic proportions that we have absolutely no ability to imagine right now, no matter how many education classes we’ve attended or parent handbooks we’ve read over and over. So we’re also planning two more weeks with as much fun and food packed in as possible.

50-something broads can still show off their lily white legs any time they want.
Tanning prematurely ages you, sweet young things, so stop.

I don’t normally share my derriere via blog, but had to show you the big fat outtie zipper in back of this dress.

Anyone who’d like to keep up with The Teen can do so via her CaringBridge site, keeceesunnysite. We’d love to hear from you.

19 Responses to Why Don’t You Ever Brush Your Hair?

  1. Ah yes, hair that will not be domesticated! We both have it, although for decades of course I wanted your straight kind. You look fab here (and always) with your red locks floating free. Oh, and something they taught us in Therapy School, year one: never ask "why don't you . . . " Your ex wasn't a great communicator, eh? : o

    Enjoy your two weeks and I will be sending you energy and thoughts of health. xoxoxoxo

  2. I think you have great hair! I love the spiky look of this style. Adore that dress – I have a Vivienne Tam skirt (pink brocade with chrysanthemums) and it's just lovely quality – your dress looks the same.

    Pack as much fun in these 2 weeks as you can! Hugs.

  3. I think your hair looks cute! That dress too! Wishing The Teen and your whole family Strength, a Fighting Spirit, and taking the Joy as it comes.

  4. You and The Teen are in my prayers! God knows His plans for you! Thans for the heerful post about plastic bead necklaces. I have a light blue graduated necklace from my grandmother that I wear in her honor.

  5. Dear Lynne, You are a hottie patottie. You are blowing me away with that incredible dress, your gorgeous gams, and those to-steal for shoes.

    You may be heading out from your current job, but it's for a good cause. Remember I'm just a skype or phone call away if you ever need a good distraction, or just an biased ear to vent to.

    Re: hair – I have nearly the opposite problem. I'm like an oil slick by the end of the day. Even my tea tree oil can't hold up to the summer humidity and my hair is limp and flat and ick. I don't need hair gel to make my hair 'piece'. =[ I settle with just cutting it off right now. I just can't control it, so I've been making do.

  6. During the 80's I one got a curling iron… one of those with brushes on it, stuck in my hair so badly that I had to drive to the salon with it in my hair and have it cut out! Seriously… those things were nothing to mess with back in the days of heavy perms! It was not funny at the time but looking back I totally laugh at it.

  7. Your hair is awesome. If I don't brush mine, it becomes a stringy flat mess… so I just wear it up every day 🙂

    I got a brush stuck in my hair in the 80's too… so traumatic.

    Will definitely be following the Teen's journey.

  8. Wow two weeks already??? I am praying for the best for you and your family Lynne. I know that you are a strong family and you will do great being there for each other. I love your hair actually, especially here. And the dress is so very pretty too!

  9. Adorable dress and shoes!!
    I love your hair–i think its super-cute!!
    I'm like Megan–my hair is an ouil slick by the end of the day. Add in hot flash head sweating and ugh–I just cut it off!!

    Have a fun the next couple of weeks!!

  10. Oh hair woes and disatisfaction… I know all about that. All those years trying to turn it into something it wasn't (ie. curly). So much better to let it be. Apart from the grey, I'm not ready to let that be! And I never carry a hairbrush around in my bag, my hair gets brushed in the morning and that's it for the day.
    YOUR hair looks wonderful. You look wonderful. Your dress is a beauty. You have two weeks to live it up before the real work begins, so enjoy it, Lynne. Thinking of you all, every day. xxxx

  11. You look great, Lynne….coming and going. 🙂
    I need to break out my hair wax stuff that I bought on clearance for like a dollar and swore I was going to play around with it and never did….
    Keeping you and the family in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Love how you look … don't change a hair! I've always thought it was a good idea to adopt a casual hair style when the rest of your life makes you want to pull it out by the roots.
    Goofing aside … you look adorable and full of life and energy. Great dress … and the zipper is a neat feature. Thinking of you often these days, and sending the best.

  13. I love your hair! I think it gives you an edge – perfect contrast to this somewhat feminine dress that also looks FANTASTIC on you. You are seriously one of the hottest and most stylish 50 year olds I know! Thinking of you as always my dear Lynne!

  14. I don't OWN a brush or comb… But I have feather hair. Your hair looks beautiful and floofy (is that a word).

    Enjoy these next 2 weeks – and know that we are all rooting for you, for all of your family and most of all for Kee Cee xxxx

  15. Oh Lynne, this is one of my FAVOURITE-favourite looks on you – so badass, beautiful, and rock n' roll! I have been treasuring your "more goddess than carcass" comment (takes one to know one, I'm sure!), and sending all best thoughts during these eventful times. xoxo

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