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Why Didn’t “Scare My Pants Off”

Why Didn’t “Scare My Pants Off”

This weekend on Twitter, @People_Searcher tweeted “People Search Website [] Will Scare Your Pants Off”. For me, that kind of statement is like waving a red flag at a bull, or placing Havarti cheese in a mousetrap; I’m going to go for it. Plus, (which calls itself “the most comprehensive people search on the web”) always seems to come up in conversations about free people search sites. So, I decided to “Pipl” myself and hope that I didn’t lose my britches. (Regular readers know I’m already flipping the waistband of my new suit slacks.)

You can look up people on by name, email, username or phone. I started with my name, and within seconds, informed me that I am @ExpertParalegal on Twitter and a senior legal assistant with Elliot Pishko Morgan P.A. provided the link to my Facebook public profile, and well as my personal email address for Practical Paralegalism, So far, so good – nothing came up that wouldn’t show up in a Google search. Many links with my name did not show up which have shown up in past Google searches. (Google yourself regularly to monitor your online presence.) also showed multiple websites for me, including the Amazon link and the Carolina Academic Press link for the book I co-authored with my supervising attorney, J. Griffin Morgan, Workers’ Compensation Practice for Paralegals (Carolina Academic Press, 2008). Some websites (but not all) where I had either posted comments, had articles re-printed, or was listed as seminar speaker were listed. Oddly, some of my blog posts were included, but only older “Primo Paralegal Shoutouts”.

Actually, the worst aspect of my search was the poorly digitized professional head shot included in my results. I have no idea where the search engine obtained that version of my picture. I also ran a search on the name on my birth certificate and discovered that thinks I’m related to someone named Rufus. That’s just flat not true.

I searched my work email address, and got no results. I searched my username “ExpertParalegal” and discovered I’m not the only one using it for an email handle. I searched my home telephone number, and the result was 100% wrong. is a great place to start a preliminary people search, and the results are well-organized. However, it does not replace a thorough Google search (or fee-based people searchers). After checking out, I was more bemused than scared. It was helpful for an overview, but not always accurate. I may search for Rufus next.

I think it’s a worthwhile exercise to search your name on I’d love to hear from any readers who find any “ surprises” about themselves.

For more information about how works, see Roi Carthy’s January 29, 2009 article at TechCrunch, “ People Search Engine So Good, It Will Scare Your Pants Off.” (I found this link after I’d completed this blog entry, and then wondered if maybe “Gen Y” has more to worry about in a people search. I’m grateful that there was no Internet when I was in college to post those embarrassing party pictures that can annihilate a job interview these days.)

3 Responses to Why Didn’t “Scare My Pants Off”

  1. I have heard of PIPL, but didn’t find too much on there.
    Google is a amazing.
    Even if a Myspace page is “Private” everyone can still see your photo thus everyone especially those looking for a job should make sure only a professional photo is visible.

  2. Lana, thanks for the very good tip. Check your settings on both Facebook and MySpace (and any other social online site). Your Facebook link will show up in a public Google search as well, depending on your privacy settings. That picture of you displaying "the girls" in your best bustier and raising a Long Island Ice Tea in a Big Gulp cup (with three little cocktail umbrellas) in a toast at your girlfriend's divorce party may be the cutest picture of you ever, but you don't want it to show up in an online search (…unless you DO…:).

    Peace & grace,

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